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    My colleages and I are putting together a new media company called GASP Graphics. we are hoping to expand into comic books, animation, and film. A vast majority of these projects require artwork. What we are looking for is not just artists to help bring visuals to our ideas, but people who want to join our group and be apart of our visions as well. Here is a breakdown of our visions:

    The GASPverse is the vision of the next step in the evolution of action entertainment, and as such, the visuals are a major part of the project and will help lead potential fans and supporters to the medium. The Macroverse of GASP allows different media to exist in the same universe and have interaction between characters from any other universe, even the ones separated by space and time. The stories and characters that we have put together are compelling, captivating, and most important, marketable; with enough man power and pencils the GASPverse could easily become the next major and most sought after entertainment universe to emerge in some time.

    With that said, we are looking for different artists with different styles for different forms of media. In the coming weeks we will be placing examples of our different projects on the forums. We would like for any artists that are truly interested to show us their ideas of what certain characters would look like. if anyone has any questions, you can either send me a private message on Toonzone, ask me in the thread (ill be keeping a close watch on the threads relating to GASP Graphics) or you can email me or any of my two colleages at the following addresses:
    Jonathan Watson (me)-
    Bobby Banks-
    Christian Watson-

    Thank you in advance.

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