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Artist Wanted

Discussion in 'Artists Wanted' started by Captain Zechs, Sep 3, 2005.

  1. Captain Zechs

    Captain Zechs Active Member

    Aug 21, 2004
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    Okay, as a writer I of course need pictures ^_^/ That being said I need as many artists as willing to help :)

    Ill give details in PM, E-mail (XxXxNickhXxXx@yahoo.com), and AIM, XWake0x0UpX.

    But here are a couple things I need as of now, the stuff above is if you want to help me in the future.

    1st character:

    Name: Taoko
    Gender: Male
    Age: 5
    Eyes: Black, both looking like a wolf's eye!!!
    Hair: Shoulder length, straight NOT curly. I need a few type of different colors, Black WITH silver tips, Dark blue with silver tips, Light blue, Dark red, Blonde with black tips. Thats about it for now.
    Body: Like a typical 5 year old's, small, not big at all, skinny, 2 tattoo's, 1 on right arm, says: Dieing Hope, 2nd tattoo on his left arm (same place as right arm), and it says Living Hope
    Clothes: Raggid, worn down, black, even though they are worn down make them as cool as possible. NO SLEEVES, and no shoes.
    Emotion(s): I need, Happy, Sad, Mad, frustrated, confused, anxiety, obsession.

    2nd Character:

    Name: Taoko
    Gender: Male
    Age: 15
    Eyes: same
    Hair: Same as younger version
    Body: Somewhat Muscular, but not to built up, skinny, still has the tattoo's, older (like gone through puberty older) beard forming.
    Clothes: VERY VERY VERY NICE clothing. I need a couple different ones, Jean shorts, with shades of dark blue and blue (not light blue) they must go past his knees. Also long black pants and a black long sleeved shirt to match. Short sleeve Dark blue shirt, and short sleeve black shirt. (If you have ever seen Fruits Basket I want his matching black clothing to be like their male school uniform, i really like that).
    Emotions: same as before but add tired and bored and embarressed

    ALSO I need a pic of him in various positions:
    1-Crouched Down
    5-Kissing a girl
    6-Whatever else you can think of that deals with a human being.

    Character 3:

    Name: Taoko
    Gender: Male
    Age: 20
    Eyes: Same
    Hair: Same
    Body: Muscular, new tattoo on his chest, saying Burning Love, same tattoo's on his arms. thats about all thats new.
    Clothes: Same
    Emotions: Same as the rest

    Same except add:
    Brushing Teeth
    Shirt Off (so they get that he has grown muscular wise of course ;))
    Working Out (lifting weights)
    and whatever else you can think of...

    New Character 4:

    Name: Carrah
    Gender: Female
    Age: 25
    Eyes: Light blue
    Hair: Pink and purple, also blonde
    Body: Skinny, fragile, cute, etc
    Clothes: Old clothes, not to great in shape, like light blue dress and then some ordinary woman clothes but make um look shabby.
    Emotions: Happy, Sad, mad, Death (she dies :()
    Death (like in a coffin)
    If you can think of Ed and Al's mom from FMA this is her aside from clothes and hair COLOR but it should look like her.

    New Character 5:

    Name: Katrina
    Gender: Female
    Age: 15
    Eyes: light blue
    Hair: Long, up, AND down, color: Black
    Body: Skinny, cute, etc
    Clothes: Very nice clothing, Black short skirts with pink top, light blue top and purple top. Black top with black skirt also for school.
    Emotions: Same as everyones
    General look: Very beautiful!!
    Positions: whatever you want but should be atleast 5 or 6

    ALSO I want her at age 20 also but she looks like the same, but make her look older, im not sure how to describe it any other way.

    New Character 6:
    Name: Jack Schmellick
    Gender: Male
    Age: 30

    He should look like a teacher, but like handsome, muscular, you know the one teacher every girl wants.

    everyday normal ones

    New Character 7:

    Name: ???
    Gender: Male
    Age: 22

    Should be a killer, so make him have a gun out and hand on his knife. Make him look awesome!

    New Character 8:
    Name: Brian
    Gender: Male
    Age: 15
    Eyes: Green
    Hair: Dark Brown
    sexuality: gay
    Body: Muscular, the guy girls want, but he is gay lol
    Clothes: Pink shirt, gay pride wrist band, he likes wearing short skirts like the girls. But also have him in shorts and long pants.
    Kissing a guy
    normal ones
    sitting in class
    kind of acts like a girl (if u can put that in a position?)

    He is also supposed to have a version of himself 20, just make him look more like a man, or whatever you think will amke him look different from 15.

    New Character 8:

    Name: Ciara Wilst
    Gender: Female
    Age: 15
    Color (something new): Black
    Clothes: like all the other girls except more gangster lol
    Body: Nice, skinny, cute
    Emotions: Same as everyone elses
    Positions: Same as everyone elses

    Also 20 year old version.

    Okay here are some places I need drawn, to whatever you think they should be drawn like:
    -Trailer PArk
    -Orphanage (a poor one)
    -Rich Mansion
    -Very very very nice school
    -Couple classrooms
    -Whatever else you think would be good for different settings.

    Thats about it for now, I thank you so much to ANYONE that helps, I dont mind multiple people sending me the same pic of one, it means i can use one and save the others for later. I know this is a lot to ask for though, it is a lot of drawing and coloring, but I would really appreciate it. Also dont take offense for the gay guy or the black girl, in no way do I hate gay guys, infact one of my bestfriends is gay, and please dont get angry that there is only 1 black girl. there will be more, but not to important ones. Sorry and thanks a whole bunch!!! PM me the drawings or e-mail or w/e. THANK YOU!!!!!!

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