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Discussion in 'Artists Wanted' started by magicdog, May 8, 2013.

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    Some of you may remember a 60s HB toon called "The Impossibles", which was about a trio of superheroes who also happened to be a Rock & Roll group. They were “Multiman, Coilman and Fluidman”. Well,I've been working on a reboot of the series - one that is more serious in tone and intended to be action packed similar to recent shows like "Young Justice" or "Justice League". I do not have any attachments to any studio as I am still working on a pilot script, and nothing has even been pitched yet, so I make no promises nor any guarantees as to this show’s future.

    I'm looking to have an updated look for the characters in and out of costume. The show would take place in a mid - 60s inspired retro universe (sort of how the art deco designs were used in theuniverses of BTAS &STAS). I would need the group redrawn in an updated style (somewhat similar to the YJ look, but this isn't a requirement) in three different looks:

    The ”CivilianLook” – What the group wears when theyare not fighting or on stageperforming.
    The “Stage Look” - the look of the group performing (feel free to use their1966 look as an inspiration) In myversion, “Multiman” plays lead guitar and sings, Coilman plays bass, and Fluidman plays drums.
    The “Superhero Look” - the group in costume, but more practicalthan their original 60s look.

    Finally,if possible, a redesign of the Impossi-car the group’s chief mode of transportation.

    Please PM meif you are interested and we’ll discussthe particulars.
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