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Artist Required

Discussion in 'Artists Wanted' started by Xerroo, May 26, 2005.

  1. Xerroo

    Xerroo Megas Fan

    Apr 6, 2005
    Likes Received:
    I'm looking for someone who would help me create the characters for my Megas XLR episode ideas.

    Ultrabot Z: He looks like Mega Man X but his design is a bit different. For this you can do as you wish. Make his armor Red if you can.

    Uno: He looks a little like Zero from the X series but instead his armoring is a bit different and his armor will be blue. Here is a pic of X and Zero to help you out.

    Pic of Mega Man X
    Pic of Zero

    Also a pic of Ultrabot Z in the Megas Armor. Which is just a copy of Megas's body for Ultrabot Z

    Alpha: I would like him to have the body and eye scar of Sigma but the face and hair of Dr.Doppler

    Pic of Sigma
    Pic of Doppler

    Lunareon: She looks like an Americanized version of Queen Barrell from Sailor Moon.

    Papa Lurp: He looks like a orange Lurp with a scar on his left eye, a white scruffy beard, and an eye patch across his right eye. He wears clothes similiar to Wario.

    Racheal: She has blonde curly hair, she wears a green baret, she has pinkish lips, she has blue eyes, she wears a red and white striped T-Shirt, and she wears daisy dukes, she also wears sandles. She's also thin like Jamie.

    Jenna: She is big like Coop. She has red hair and a ponytail in the back, she wears a greet T-Shirt and Blue Jeans, she also wears the same kind of shoes Coop wears, she has red lips and green eyes. She has the same build as Coop.

    Also can someone draw a picture of Coop and Jenna kissing and Racheal slapping Jamie in the face.

    PM Me or Aim me at Dannycgold
    #1 Xerroo, May 26, 2005
    Last edited by a moderator: May 28, 2005

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