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Artist Required

Discussion in 'Artists Wanted' started by Storm, Dec 29, 2004.

  1. Storm

    Storm Active Member

    Dec 1, 2001
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    Looking for artists for an upcoming ongoing online comic. The comic is entitledThe Diary of Amber Quinnman. AQ is an action-adventure/spy drama. This comic has been on and off for atleast a good year and a half. Currently it's on again and I am keeping it that way. It's in the pre-production stages. Both the first issue and series bible are currently getting nipped and tucked and all I need is a few good men and women interested in putting their sweat and blood into this project. The writing team has already been assembled and some of the character designs and production art has also been covered from past artist. I am interested in doing some re-designs of certain characters. As for the comic’s art style. I would like to keep it in the modern western style however I am open in hearing and seeing different type of art styles. The comic will be in black & white. Freshly inked and touched up with Photoshop. The only thing that will get the color treatment are covers. Since this is a spy comic, I am looking for artists who can draw sequential art (panels and stuff) and action sequences since our heroine will be doing a lot of tussling.

    Other than be able to draw, another important qualification an artist much have is the will power and eagerness to make such a big commitment to this project. This project will offer lots of exposure in both fields of writing and art. Also both openings for an inker and cover artist (I am looking for three) are still on the table for any artists who are interesting in working on this project yet doesn’t want to do any panel work.

    Have any questions or comments? Fill free to e-mail me at Hypeman1288@aol.com, another way to reach me is by Private Message via Toon Zone. If you do e-mail please make the subject “AQ Comic”. More of the comic’s history, story, and developments will be explained through e-mail.

    Thank you for your time and hopefully I will be getting a brand new batch of artists soon :)

    - Fray


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