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Discussion in 'toonzone Animation Wiki' started by HellCat, Feb 15, 2009.

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    '''Anime''', sometimes referred to as '''Japanimation''', is a commonly used Western word used to describe animation originating from Japan.

    The earliest known Japanese animation is a 50-frame short dating from between 1907 and 1911, showing a boy writing the word "katsudo shashin" (meaning "film") and saluting the audience. Previously, the 1917 film ''[[Imokawa Mukozo the Doorman]]'' was thought to be the earliest surviving anime. Yasuji Murata, who began making animation in 1927, introduced full cel animation to Japan.

    From 1933 to 1945, wartime propaganda became a large element of Japanese animation; one propaganda film, Mitsuyo Seo's 1943 release ''[[Momotaro, Divine Sailor]]'', was Japan's first full-length animated feature. During the post-war reconstruction of Japan there were efforts to turn the field of animation into a nationwide industry; this included the founding of studios such as Nihon Doga, later [[Toei Animation]]. A milestone was reached with Toei's 1958 film ''[[Panda and the Magic Serpent]]'', the first colour anime feature film and the first anime to be distributed in the USA (it reached American theates in 1961). It was the first in a cycle of fairy tale-based films by Toei, and sparked the development of features from other studios.

    Japan's first animated TV series was ''[[Instant History]]'', which premiered in 1961 and consisted of 312 three-minute episodes; its second season contained another 312 episodes and was retitled ''Otogi Manga Calendar''. But a bigger breakthrough came in 1963 with the premier of ''[[Astro Boy]]'', which used the more familiar 25 minute format. The brainchild of Osamu Tezuka (already the key player in [[manga]], and then soon to become a major figure in anime), ''Astro Boy'' told the story of a robotic boy who fought supervillains and confronted moral issues in a futuristic Tokyo.

    Production of TV anime flourished in the following years, popular choices of source material being manga (''[[Mazinger Z]]'', ''[[Sazae-San]]'') and Western children's literature (''[[Moomin]]'', ''[[Heidi: Girl of the Alps]]''). By 1976 around 200 series had been produced; by 1983 another two hundred had followed. (Source: "Cartoons: One Hundred Years of Cinema Animation", Giannalberto Bendazzi, pages 412-413) The Japanese animation industry continues to be immensely productive to this day.

    According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the earliest known record of the word "anime" being used in English in relation to Japanese animation is in a 1985 Newsgroup posting.

    ==Notable figures==
    * [[Hideaki Anno]]
    * [[Wagaro Arai]]
    * [[Masaki Fujihata]]
    * [[Koji Fukiya]]
    * [[Taku Furukawa]]
    * [[Hideo Furusawa]]
    * [[Harugutsu Fukushima]]
    * [[Kon Ichikawa]]
    * [[Tadasu Iizawa]]
    * [[Matsue Jinbo]]
    * [[Kihachiro Kawamoto]]
    * [[Renzo Kinoshita]]
    * [[Seitaro Kitayama]]
    * [[Satoshi Kon]]
    * [[Junichi Kouchi]]
    * [[Masao Kumagawa]]
    * [[Kenzo Masaoka]]
    * [[Reiji Matsumoto]]
    * [[Hayao Miyazaki]]
    * [[Tadahito Mochinaga]]
    * [[Yasuji Mori]] (born in Taiwan)
    * [[Yasuji Murata]]
    * [[Yoji Kuri]]
    * [[Koh Nakajima]]
    * [[Noburo Ofuji]]
    * [[Ikuo Oishi]]
    * [[Tedanari Okamoto]]
    * [[Mitsuyo Seo]]
    * [[Yugo Serikawa]]
    * [[Tatsuo Shimamura]]
    * [[Oten Shimokawa]]
    * [[Shinichi Suzuki]]
    * [[Isao Takahata]]
    * [[Osamu Tezuka]]
    * [[Yoshiyuki Tomino]]
    * [[Naoyuki Tsuji]]
    * [[Sadao Tsukioka]]
    * [[Taiji Yabushita]]
    * [[Eiichi Yamamoto]]
    * [[Zenjiro "Sanae" Yamamoto]]
    * [[Koji Yamamura]]
    * [[Yoshikazu Yasuhiko]]
    * [[Mitsuteru Yokoyama]]
    * [[Ryuichi Yokoyama]]
    * [[Tatsuo Yoshida]]

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