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Discussion in 'toonzone Animation Wiki' started by MonkeyFunk, Jan 11, 2010.

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    [[Image:Akumi.jpg|right|Akumi, the bounty hunter.]]

    '''''Akumi''''' is an online animated series created by [[Milton Pool]] of [[Primal Instinct Productions]]; it is noted for its heavy violence and sexual content. The first episode was released in 2006, with two more following in 2007.

    Although the third episode ends on a cliffhanger, to date no more have been releaed. Currently, all of the series' official YouTube uploads are set as "private".

    '''Akumi:''' A bounty hunter. Voiced by [[Sabrina Frazier]].

    '''Lester the Molestor:''' A heavily-armed mass murderer with a hefty bounty on his head. Voiced by [[Richard Atherton]], [[Dave Johnson]], [[Brian Johnson]] and [[Milton Pool]].

    '''Zombie Sisters:''' A pair of mysterious assassins. Voiced by [[Sabrina Frazier]].


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    |'''Released: 2006'''<br>'''The Mark:''' Akumi sets out following an attack by Lester the Molestor. This episode was released in both censored and uncensored versions, the latter containing a scene in which Lester rapes his female captive.
    |'''Released: 2007'''<br>'''The Hunter:''' Akumi confronts Lester and an epic battle ensues.
    |'''Released 2007'''<br>'''Conspiracy and Capture:''' As the fight between Akumi and Lester is concluded, trouble is brewing elsewhere as the Zombie Sisters arrive on the scene.

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    |'''Animation, storyboards and original concept'''<br>[[Milton Pool]]

    '''Story'''<br>[[Dave Johnson]]<br>[[Dustin Remmel]]<br>[[Milton Pool]]<br>[[Tyree Dillihay]]

    '''Assistant directors'''<br>[[Tyree Dillihay]]<br>[[Dave Johnson]]<br>[[Dustin Remmel]]

    |'''Sound effects'''<br>[[Dave Johnson]]

    '''Assistant storyboard artist'''<br>[[Tyree Dillihay]]

    '''Music editing'''<br>[[Dave Johnson]]<br>[[Milton Pool]]

    The second episode was hailed by Rick DeMott of Animation World Network as one of the best online animated shorts of 2007. "the anime-inspired ''Akumi'' Web series really hits its stride in the second episode with sharper dialogue and wonderful action and subtle acting", wrote DeMott. "''Akumi'' is a good example of a production that would be nearly impossible to produce in the U.S., especially for TV or even the direct-to-video market."[http://www.awn.com/articles/machinima/iawnsi-best-web-showcase-2007] The Cold Hard Flash blog ranked episode 3 as the eighth best animated Flash film.[http://coldhardflash.com/flash-animation-10-best-animated-akumi-conspiracy-capture]

    ==External links==
    * [http://primalinstinctpro.com/ Primal Instinct Productions homepage]
    * [http://www.awntv.com/videos/akumi-episode2 ''Akumi'' episode 2 on AWNtv]
    * [http://coldhardflash.com/flash-animation-10-best-animated-akumi-conspiracy-capture ''Akumi'' episode 3 on Cold Hard Flash, along with interview with Milton Pool]

    [[Category:Science fiction animation]]
    [[Category:Internet animation]]

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