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Adventure Time

Discussion in 'toonzone Animation Wiki' started by ToonFaithful, Mar 17, 2011.

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    Aug 25, 2009
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    Adventure Time is an American animated televison series created by Pendleton Ward and produced by Frederator Studios for Cartoon Network. It first appeared as a short on Frederator's Nickelodeon series Random! Cartoons, and later became a hit on the internet. Cartoon Network picked up the series for a full-length run in September 2008 and officially premiered on April 5th, 2010. The series has been successful ratings and commercial wise, receiving positive reviews by critics. It is up to its 3rd season with a total of 39 episodes.

    A human boy named Finn and his magical dog, Jake set out on a journey to become righteous adventurers in the Land of Ooo. The setting is set in a post-apocalyptic world full of surreal characters. Along the way, they fight monsters, save princesses, encounter many kingdoms, and help people in need.

    Main Characters
    Finn the Human (voiced by Jeremy Shada) - A 13-year-old who loves to kick evil monsters' butts. Finn wears a white hat that covers his hair and has a crush on Princess Bubblegum. He tends to say words like "Algebraic", "Mathematical", and "Holy Schmow". Both Finn and Jake live in their own tree-house.

    Jake the Dog
    (voiced by John DiMaggio) - A relaxed 28-year-old dog who loves to play videogames and set on adventures. He has shape-shifting powers so he can turn into anything he wants. He also has a crush on Lady Rainicorn and can understand her very well. Jake's shape-shifting powers helps Finn in combat and enjoys music.

    Frederator Studios pitched an Adventure Time series to Nickelodeon, but the network passed on it twice. The studio then approached Cartoon Network, who later green-lit the first season in September 2008.

    - Adventure Time has been nominated for many awards but has not one any.

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    "Adventure Time": You Can Believe the Hype, Sort Of
    Second Season of Cartoon Network\'s Hit Series "Adventure Time" Premieres October 11th, 2010

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