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Abandoned Storylines: Mulberry

Discussion in 'Platypus Comix' started by Peter Paltridge, Oct 26, 2007.

  1. Peter Paltridge

    Peter Paltridge Knows about rock people
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    Sep 24, 2003
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    The next Mulberry story is "Franken-Berry," and I've had that title in my head for years as possible use for a Mulberry Halloween story. But I couldn't think of one with enough meat to it until this year. Some ideas pop up in my head and aren't used until I find a place for them--which is sometimes never. The following are mostly-abandoned concepts for Mulberry:

    One of my earliest ideas for a Mulberry story was "World Police." Mulberry and Jack are eating breakfast, Jack has a newspaper, and he's talking about US involvement overseas and complaining "We're not the world police." Suddenly Mulberry thinks, "....Or ARE we?...."
    She runs to the closet and gathers some equipment, puts hats on herself and Jack that say "World Police" on them, and they fly off in a jet to police the world.
    The story would have been developed from there, if Team America: World Police hadn't come out right after that. I dumped this idea for being too similar.

    Another very early idea was a parody of The Cell where Mulberry goes inside Tiff's brain. Tiff forgets a very important combination, and Mulberry has to go inside her head to get it back. Once inside, she finds Tiff's psyche to be an entire city full of Tiffs, walking down the street, riding in cars, one Tiff standing on the corner with newspapers going "EXTRA! EXTRA!" ...on like that. The idea wasn't developed past this point.

    Parody of "Minority Report":
    Jack answers the door and it is two cops who immediately place him under arrest. Panicking, Jack asks "WHY??" They say they're from the Department of Pre-Crime and Allison DuBois said he would murder someone. "Don't you watch Medium? She's NEVER wrong!"
    I couldn't think of anything past this.

    Another idea might yet be produced, but the problem is I'm a little too afraid to try it. It's making fun of the biased simplistic annoying political satires that are all too prevalent in adult cartoons these days. The idea is that a guest writer is writing that day's adventure, and he turns it into a radical one-sided opinion fest, with a new character added--a small lefty leprechaun that follows Mulberry everywhere and yells his liberal agenda into her face every chance he gets. The reason why I'm reluctant to actually make this cartoon is because even though the idea is to slam overly political cartoons, it could scare away people who mistakenly see it as one. It's not the usual fare from this site and I don't like writing stuff that alienates people.

    "Mulberry's Propaganda Film"
    Similar in idea to the previous one, but less blunt. Since there are so many films these days produced by one or two people who have an opinion they want to slam down moviegoer's throats, Mulberry decides she just has to make her OWN propaganda film. The problem here is what exactly she makes. I can't think of anything Mulberry is so passionate about that she wants to force everyone to agree with her with. The alternate take is that Mulberry just wants to see how much the American public will swallow and she makes a propaganda film that details the most ridiculous conspiracy theory ever proposed. But I've also had trouble figuring out what kind of theory THAT would be. This is a good idea for a story, and a good target, but I've had a lot of trouble getting it off the ground. If the trend of propaganda films slows before I think of something, this may never be made.

    "Tiff Steps Out"
    Long-time readers will recall this got far enough into production to actually make it on the site before I realized I didn't know what to do with it, which was quite an embarrassment. Tiff occasionally tries to become a Hollywood actress (this element of her personality is in limbo at the moment), and Mulberry tells her one surefire way to muscle into the business is to just marry someone who's already popular, so everyone has no choice but to see your face. So through Mulberry's infinite power, Tiff is set up with celebrity after celebrity: a belching, lecherous, rude, imbecilic Ashton Kutcher (I really didn't like Kutcher), a down-on-his-luck Ben Affleck (who reveals he's changed his name to "Ben Aflac" and is now plugging duck-endorsed insurance), and Keifer Sutherland, who slams her to the wall while shouting "TELL ME WHERE THE BOMB IS!!!!"
    Eventually, Tiff meets a date she likes. The only problem is, the movie he's involved with shuts down, and he won't become a celebrity. The plan can't be spoiled, so Tiff has to find a way to continue seeing him while being publicly seen with someone else.
    The story was written and illustrated up to Keifer, which ended part one, but part two was never drawn and never appeared. I figured I'd work it out as I was running it, but I just couldn't get part two to be any good. The following week, I had to run an apology instead, and "Tiff Steps Out" hasn't been seen since.

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