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Discussion in 'The DC Comics Animation Forum' started by James Harvey, Jan 1, 2015.

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    Apr 23, 2001
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    First off, apologies for the rather bland subject line up there. It comes off more ominous than it should. Sorry about that! Anyways, I posted this on the main site, so I might as well share this here, too.

    With 2014 now done and over with, the last news story from The World's Finest has officially been posted up. As I mentioned on this site a year ago, it's time to ease back on the overall workload of this site, and that starts with wrapping up the daily news post for the foreseeable future. Thousands and thousands of news posts, including three straight years of news posts at least five days a week, without a single weekday missed. And, with 2015 now here, that ends as The World's Finest will return to its roots as an unbeatable resource for fans. An archive of content, a collection of materials covering a host of different shows and movies, a wealth of information - call it what you will, but The World's Finest will be embracing that once more.

    What does that all encompass? Well, don't get alarmed ... it's all good! As the site shifts into a content destination, certain aspects of the site will stop while an emphasis will be placed on others. Daily news posts will cease, as I said, and no new subsites will be added to the site as of this time. Does that mean the end of updates and new material? No - there will always be new content added here, but the site will now just be easier for me to manage.

    Site updates will continue going forward, reviews will still be posted, more content will be added (images, behind-the-scenes material, etc.), along with the odd interview. However, now, the site updates will now fall more onto the resource side of things. As I said, there will be no new additional subsites added to The World's Finest going forward, with the possible exception of smaller pages dedicated to installments of the ongoing DC Universe Animated Original Movie line. Assorted DVD, Blu-ray, and other media releases will also still be covered. A new Batman: The Brave and The Bold Blu-ray? We'll cover and review it - 100%. New soundtrack release? We're on it - count on it. The only thing really changing is the end of daily news posts (which, honestly, it didn't seem like a lot of people noticed anyway, given how so many stories broken here went unnoticed or stolen over the years).

    A lot of factors played a role in this decision. For one, this site is too unwieldy for one person to handle. I cover about 95% of the work on the site, the forums and social media outlets. This includes emails, press work, reviews, finding reviewers and content, all of that. I spend many hours a day working on this site, volunteering countless hours. Juggling that with a regular job, a family, etc., and, well, something has to give. I have more responsibilities than ever before and there are just not enough hours in the day. But I can't just abandon the site - no way. Given how long I've been working on this site, from its first iteration back in 1997, and how attached I am to it, I opted not to pass the torch. I did ask for help, more than a few times, but no one came to bat. So, I opted to scale the site responsibilities down to its skeleton in order to keep it going. With this, I'm able to balance my workload easier, have a bit of a better life, and explore other options.

    This site is not going away. It's not going anywhere. It's going to stay right here. There's no way I could let it go, anyways. All the content that you see here is not budging an inch. The only thing really changing is the removal of daily news updates and an easing back on the frequency of updates. This site will always be here for you to access and explore. In fact, to this day, there are some nifty secrets still not uncovered here on the site, which tells me there's plenty for all of you still to explore.

    For those worried, this isn't the end. All you need to do is keep an eye on the "Site Updates" section to see that. Over the next few days, you'll see the site's main page change a little. The news will be replaced with links to the major site sections here, and the daily news shuffled off into an archive (where it will be readily accessible to look through). All portions of this site, I think, will be more easily accessible for those wanting to look around and just see what we have to offer. This site is the biggest DC Comics-animation (and Batman animation) site out there to this day, and I doubt that'll change, even with the evolving trends of internet culture. But hey, no matter how much all of that changes, The World's Finest will always be right here.

    If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to drop a line. The social media portals for The World's Finest will remain up until I decide what to do with them. I can be easily reached there, or through the contact links scattered throughout the site here. If all that fails, just catch me on the forums.

    I'd like to express a quick "thanks" to all the folks who have helped me over the years. Zach, Ian, James, Barry, Eileen, Brian, Michael and a wealth of other people I can't thank enough. This seems like a nice moment to tip my hat to them as I follow the site through a few minor changes and lifts. For your daily news fix, which plenty of you are clearly already getting elsewhere, I suggest you keep it tuned to Toonzone and DCAU Resource. The forums right here are also a good spot for any developments or concerns, as well. I may post the odd piece up from time to time here.

    And that's all from me for now, folks. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to ask. Don't hesitate. That's what I'm here for. Thanks!


  2. Robin_III

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    Jan 3, 2015
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    And I tip my hat to you, sir!

    Almost 20 years ago, I had the desire to create a Batman Animated Series webpage that I would enjoy visiting every day. All I had then was a stack of VHS filled with TV-recorded BTAS episodes, a then-unheard-of capture card, and 5 megs of dial-up provider webspace, What I lacked was a vision of what this site would eventually become.

    I was fortunate enough to come across your own sites. Your input and drive to create a resource for all things DC Animated really boosted our combined site to something well beyond what I thought was even possible of a website back in the mid 90's. I have so many fond memories of building it, from those first reluctant steps of merging our worlds, to hours of screen capturing and editing, to late Saturday night HTML coding.

    I decided to walk away from the World's Finest well over a decade ago now. I don't truly know why I felt I had to leave completely instead of taking a backseat position, but we all have regrets we can't go back on. I do understand the level of work involved, since I couldn't manage back then, and that was just with the episode guide alone! I knew you'd take care of the site we'd created together, but most importantly I knew you'd make it grow.

    All these years later and I enjoy visiting the site every day. And every day, without fail, The World's Finest is that Batman webpage that I always wanted. More importantly, it's the site that YOU always wanted and spoke about. I had rough ideas of what I thought it could be, but you truly had the full vision of its potential and you saw it through to completion.

    The teenaged versions of ourselves would be through the roof with the final product that you were able to accomplish. You've done one helluva job with the site, James, and you've earned a bit of retirement time.

    All the best!
  3. The Old Maid

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    May 1, 2001
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    I've watched you two build up the site since the very week when Batman Beyond premiered in January 1999. Am surprised you didn't keel over long before now.

    (And yes, young'uns, that's the Robin III you read about in your history books. We all go back to the days when "Batman" meant Schumacher and "Superman" meant Dean Cain. Been a bit of progress since then ... it's like passing the torch, only underwater.)

    Thank you.

    Well done.


    May 14, 2006
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    I can't imagine how difficult it was putting the site together. It remains a great archive for delving into years past. I especially enjoy the commentary from the folks who put these works together. It's nice having insight into the nitty-gritty.
  5. The Flash

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    Apr 27, 2001
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    Maybe it's the adult beverage I'm sipping on, but did I seriously just read a new post by the one and only Robin III? Oh my god. And The Old Maid too --- the nostalgia!

    Every so often I peak in on all the news I've missed and this time I just happened to have stumbled upon this thread. It's been a while since I went past the lurking and actually logged in, so I'm slightly amazed that I remembered my password on the first go. Zach mentioned a while ago that you might be slowing down (for real) but I had a hard time believing it. I "retired" from this site over a decade ago, but you've never let up, Jim! Your dedication is beyond admirable and you should be proud of all the years of hard work you've put into this place. There were many days when I wondered if you and Zach would ever let up. Who needs daily updates, anyways? Like you said, you can post the important stuff when it needs it. You are a machine and what you've done for the community has never gotten the proper recognition. WF will live on forever.

    And one of these days I really am going to blow an entire afternoon at the scanner with those unproduced BTAS scripts I got my grubby paws on. I haven't forgotten!

    For old time's sake... Wanda. Yep. I said it.

    Cheers, DG!


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