5/28 Schedule Update: Bob's Burgers premiere, new Venture Brothers episodes, new The Greatest Event

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    The on-air schedule was updated today to show the schedule for June. Here are some notable premieres and schedule changes:

    Bob's Burgers premieres Sunday, June 23rd @ 11 PM. It'll then air a new episode on Monday, June 24th @ 10 PM. It seems that premieres will continue to be on Sundays afterwards.

    New episodes of Venture Brothers air on Sundays @ midnight.

    A new Family Guy episode airs on Monday, June 3rd @ 11 PM.

    A new episode of The Greatest Event in Television History airs on Thursday, June 6th @ midnight.

    A new episode of NTSF:SD:SUV airs on Thursday, June 13th @ midnight.

    Black Dynamite is removed from the schedule starting tomorrow. King of the Hill reruns join the line up at 9:30 PM and Family Guy and The Cleveland Show move down one slot.

    Home Movies will also be kicked off the schedule on June 24th. American Dad reruns will then air at 9:30 PM with King of the Hill reruns at 9 PM.

    Also, the schedule error with Soul Eater and One Piece was fixed.
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    Home Movies just came back and it's leaving again? What a shame. :/
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    I'm disappointed that Home Movie is getting the boot again. I own the full series on DVD, but I liked seeing it on TV when I was home early enough on Saturdays.

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