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4Kids Talkback: The Crossroads of Destiny - The 4Kids Discussion V10

Discussion in 'Saturday Morning Forever!' started by D Dubbs, Nov 21, 2010.

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  1. Light Lucario

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    May 11, 2007
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    I completely agree. It wouldn't be a victory for 4Kids, to postpone the inevitable. It would just drag the lawsuit even longer and they might have to deal with more legal fees on their side, as well as possibly having to pay the legal costs for TV Tokyo/NAS if they do win. All of which they can't afford to pay if they couldn't keep this situation from reaching the court system.

    Without including my disappointment at 4Kids, the quality of their dubs and belief that they should deal with the legal ramification of violating their contract, if the claims are accurate, I honestly think that it would be better for the license to be picked up by someone else at this point. 4Kids is just not in a good condition to provide a better DVD release of these series or even have the funds to get a DVD distributor for the movie. They haven't been able to complete a Yu-Gi-Oh! series since the DM series and even though I'm sure that the Japanese companies would want their U.S. distributor to go onto the next series to promote the cards, I don' think that they want to leave the previous series incomplete. While it sadly would lead to a lot of people losing their jobs, I don't think that 4Kids is in any condition to provide decent releases for the various series, not to mention the trust between them and the various Japanese companies have been broken beyond repair.

    As for the ratings, Sonic X, DBZ Kai and the first Yu-Gi-Oh! DM airing did a bit better than they have for a while. It's still too bad that 5D's still can't get higher ratings more often.

    And with that, I believe that we've hit the 1,000 post mark. D Dubbs will create the new thread, although I'm not sure if we ever decided on a new name, but he can start it up with the important links and the online episode catalogue when he can. If anyone wants to continue any discussion that was recently brought here to this thread, you're more than welcome to continue it when the new thread is made.
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