1990's Marvel Comics Cartoon Crossover Fan Fiction

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    Those are ideas below for reunion television animated movie crossover ideas based on Marvel Comics. They crossover with X-Men, Spider-Man, Iron Man and Fantastic Four cartoons along with maybe the Incredible Hulk cartoons.
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    1st Television Movie Idea

    Marvel Action Movie

    Crossover of the Marvel Action hour and Spider-Man the Animated Series television movie idea.

    Chapter 1


    At the Life Foundation building. There is Roland Treece present with his thugs. Dr. Doom shows up. There are Doctor’s new minions Ramon Carl, Trevor, Donna, Leslie, Scott Washington and Patrick Mulligan. Dr. Doom:I have hired you to build my empire. Those 7 here could wear your symbiotes.Roland Treece:Spider-Man years ago defeated Carnage and Venom. They were sent to the great Dormumu’s world. Teaming with Iron Man he defeated Baron Marto.” Also there is a man wearing a hat and has a white beard. There’s also the woman who once attacked Silver Surfer. Dr. Doom:This woman here years ago faked being kidnapped by my robots to lure Silver Surfer into a trap. This man here has served me for years.” There are some symbiotes. They go onto the 7 people working for Dr. Doom. Donna becomes Scream. Leslie becomes Agony. Carl becomes Phage, Trevor becomes Riot, Ramon becomes Lasher. Scott Washington becomes Hybrid. Patrick Mulligan becomes Toxin. Scream:I am known as Scream.Agony:Call me Agony.Phage:Call me Phage.Riot:I am known as Riot.Lasher:Call me Lasher.Hybrid:Call me Hybrid.Toxin:Call me Toxin.Dr. Doom:You 7 work for me. You can destroy Spider-Man. I will rebuild sentinels to destroy the X-Men.” Those 7 go back to their human forms. They all leave the place with Dr. Doom and 2 more of his minions.

    Outside of the Life Foundation building in the day time. There is Silver Surfer flying by on his surf board. Spider-Man and Daredevil are swinging by. Also with them are Elektra and Black Cat. Elektra has a stick with her. Spider-Man:Roland Treece has been using symbiotes to create monsters.Daredevil:You took down the Kingpin years ago. I will team with you again. I teamed with the Fantastic Four against Dr. Doom years ago when they lost their powers. After you took down the Kingpin I took down Herbert Landon. Silvermaine and his daughter were arrested by Terry Lee after I broke up the bandanas gang. Elisha Silvermaine is in prison for a good long time.” Bruce Banner comes out of no where. Bruce Banner:I am coming to help you. We’ll use Johnny Storm’s help in getting the symbiotes off of those felons who serve Dr. Doom. I become the Incredible Hulk when I get angry.Spider-Man:We will need your help Dr. Banner.” They all get into the building.

    Chapter 2

    Inside the Life Foundation building. The heroes all come in. There are Life Foundation droids present. Bruce Banner:They must be welcoming us.” They shoot at the heroes. Spider-Man shoots webs onto those droids. One of them zaps Bruce Banner. Bruce Banner leaves the place. Black Cat throws some kicks onto the droids. Daredevil hits one of them with his billy club. Elektra strikes them with her battle staff. Silver Surfer shoots lasers out of his eyes onto the droids. Elektra:They are the diggers.” The diggers show up. The Hulk comes in. A digger slices at the Hulk. The Hulk grabs that digger. The Hulk bangs a digger to the floor destroying it. Silver Surfer shoots down 2 more diggers with lasers coming out of his eyes. Silver Surfer:Now let’s get Roland Treece.” Everyone goes into the shafts. Hulk reverts back to being Bruce Banner. Bruce Banner:I know about the place. I infiltrated the lab recently.

    In the ventilation shafts. Bruce Banner:Soldiers of this company will show up here.” There are probe droids. They shoot acid at the heroes. Silver Surfer shoots them down. LF soldiers show up. They fire on the heroes. Daredevil double kicks 2 of them. Spider-Man ties some up with his webs. Black Cat flip kicks 2 more. Elektra strikes them with her battle staff. Daredevil battles many of them with his hands and knocks them out. Elektra:I once killed Kirigi from the Hand. Stick fought the Kingpin’s old gang members. The Kingpin killed his boss to take over. I killed the leader of the hand who killed Stick years ago.Daredevil:Stick trained me to control my powers.” They go after Roland Treece and his thugs.

    Chapter 3

    In Roland Treece’s lab. There is Treece at his desk. Spider-Man, Daredevil, Elektra, Black Cat, Silver Surfer and Bruce Banner show up. Roland Treece:Kill them all.” Roland Treece’s thugs go after the heroes. Daredevil:Spider-Man and I will take them.” Spider-Man and Daredevil battle the thugs in a hand to hand fight. Spider-Man next ties them up. Roland Treece pulls out a gun. Daredevil throws his billy club striking Roland Treece in the hand. Spider-Man with his webs ties up Roland Treece. Spider-Man: We’ll have the police put you behind bars.Elektra:The Hand is also in league with Dr. Doom hired to kill us all.

    At Dr. Doom’s headquarters the next day. There is Dr. Doom with his 2 human minions. Also there are many super villains there like Typhoid Mary, Bullseye, Rhino, Shocker, Man-Bull, Task Master, Captain Ultra, Beetle and Tsurayaba leader of the Hand. Also there are many Hand assassins along with Revanche and Kuroyama. Dr. Doom:I hired the hand to help you all kill the heroes. I will destroy the X-Men. J. Jonah Jameson is getting information on us. Takashi. I will need you to kill the Daily Bugle reporters before they get us behind bars. The rest of you super villains could kill Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four. Kill Daredevil. Kill the Silver Surfer. Kill the Incredible Hulk and the Avengers. I have new sentinels to kill the X-Men. Go now robots and destroy the X-Men.” They have swords with them. Sentinels are being built. The Sentinels go to the X-Men mansion.

    Chapter 4

    At the X-Men mansion inside. There is Wolverine present. Also there Franklin Richards son of Sue and Reed Richards with his sister Valeria. Also present are Psylocke, Cyclops, Jean Grey, Storm, Gambit, Rogue, Jubilee, Beast and Nightcrawler. Ice Man is present too. Wolverine:I have for years been leader of the X-Men.Cyclops:Jean and I with Storm run the school. We have Dr. Doom to take down.Jean-Grey:I think that there are sentinels outside to kill us.Franklin Richards:My mother and father have years ago fought against Dr. Doom. I was a baby when I came to school here as was my sister.Psylocke:The Hand is also in league with Dr. Doom. I was once part of the Hand. I defeated the leader Takashi. Someone else runs the Hand now.

    Outside of the X-Men mansion. There is an army of sentinels. They go after the X-Men.

    Back inside of the X-Men mansion. Jean Grey finds sentinels out there. Jean Grey:The Sentinels are outside.Cyclops:Let’s destroy them. Nightcrawler. Stay with the kids.” They all go outside.

    Back to outside of the X-Men mansion. The Sentinels attack the X-Men. Sentinel:The mutants are there. Destroy all mutants.” Cyclops shoots some down with his laser blasts. Psylocke makes a psychic blade and stabs a sentinel. Jubilee shoots explosives out of her fingers at the sentinels. Ice Man shoots down some freezing them. Wolverine slashes his claws at some sentinels. Storm shoots lightning onto some Sentinels. Gambit shoots down sentinels with playing cards. Rogue uppercuts onto some sentinels. Beast with his powers destroys the rest of the sentinels. Franklin Richards comes out. Wolverine:I am taking you Franklin to your parents.

    Chapter 5

    Outside of the Baxter building at night time. There is Wolverine driving by in his jeep. He has Franklin Richards with him. Wolverine:We destroyed all of Dr. Doom’s sentinels. Now you will face Dr. Doom himself.” Daredevil and Spider-Man are swinging by just as Silver Surfer is flying by. Spider-Man:Wolverine. We met years ago.Silver Surfer: I defeated Dr. Doom years ago. One of his minions zapped me.” They all enter the Baxter building along with Elektra and Bruce Banner.

    Inside the Baxter Building. There is the whole Fantastic Four team. Wolverine shows up with Franklin Richards. Mr. Fantastic: Logan.” Spider-Man and Daredevil come into the new building. Daredevil:I am Wolverine called Daredevil. I fought Dr. Doom years ago when the Fantastic Four lost their powers.

    At Dr. Doom’s headquarters. There is Dr. Doom present. There are all of Dr. Doom’s minions present along with an assortment of super villains. Dr. Doom:The X-Men destroyed the sentinels. I will have an army of robots to destroy the heroes. Captain Ultra, Task master, Beetle and Man-Bull. Go after the heroes. The Fantastic Four had a new building. They quickly had the Baxter Building rebuilt. Go kill them and Spider-Man and Daredevil. You will take robots with you.” Captain Ultra, Task Master, Beetle and Man-Bull leave for the Fantastic Four headquarters with the new doom patrol.

    Chapter 6

    Outside of the Fantastic Four headquarters. There are Man-Bull, Task Master, Beetle and Captain Ultra with the doom bots. Captain Ultra:Blast the Human Torch. I pass out to open flames.

    Back to inside the Fantastic Four lab. There is the Fantastic Four present along with Spider-Man, Silver Surfer, Bruce Banner and Daredevil. Also present is Elektra. Spider-Man’s spider sense goes off. Spider-Man:My spider sense is tingling. Our enemies are around here.Daredevil:We’ll go after them all.” The heroes all go to outside.

    Back outside of the Fantastic Four building. The heroes all show up. Elektra pulls out her battle staff. Captain Ultra:Kill them all.” Human Torch takes on Captain Ultra. Spider-Man takes on Beetle. Beetle:We meet again Spider-Man.Thing:It’s clobberin time!” Thing takes on Man-Bull. Daredevil takes on Task Master. Everyone else takes on the Doom Patrol. Task Master:I will kill you now Man Without Fear. Sometime after you teamed with the Fantastic Four against Dr. Doom you teamed with Spider-Man against the Kingpin and his gang.” Task Master shoots at Daredevil. Daredevil leaps out of the way. Daredevil throws his billy club hitting Task Master in the face. Mr. Fantastic bangs some doom bots into dust. Captain Ultra throws a punch onto Human Torch. Beetle shoots beams at Spider-Man. Human Torch shoots fireballs knocking out Captain Ultra. Man-Bull rams at the Thing. The Thing throws a punch back onto Man Bull. Elektra with her battle staff destroys some doom bots. Task Master tries to grab onto Daredevil. Task Master:I got you now Daredevil. You will die.” Daredevil high kicks Task Master. The Thing uppercuts Man-Bull incapacitating him. Spider-Man jumps onto Beetle. Mr. Fantastic ties up the Beetle next. Spider-Man webs all those villains there. Spider-Man:We’ll hold them until the police come.

    Chapter 7

    At Dr. Doom’s headquarters. There is Dr. Doom present with many other super villains. Dr. Doom:4 of those who I have sent after the heroes have failed. Shocker. Got with my doom patrol after the heroes. Spider-Man years ago put you in Ravencroft. Kill him.” Shocker leaves the place with doom bots. They go after the super heroes out there.

    On the streets of New York City. There are Spider-Man and Daredevil swinging by. Daredevil:Before you and I teamed up against the Kingpin and his gang I fought Dr. Doom. The Fantastic Four lost their powers and they had suits to power them up.” Shocker shows up with a band of doom bots. Shocker:There’s Spider-Man and Daredevil.Spider-Man:He’s called the Shocker. He worked for the Kingpin years ago. Now he works for Dr. Doom.” Doom bots fire on the heroes. Daredevil visualizes the doom bots. He throws his billy clubs destroying the doom bots. Spider-Man shoots web pellets onto the doom bots. Shocker:I will get both of you at once.” Shocker shoots at the 2 heroes. Daredevil covers his ears. Spider-Man shoots webs at the Shocker. Daredevil throws his billy clubs hitting the Shocker in the face. Police cars show up. Terry Lee is driving one of those police cars. Spider-Man ties up the Shocker on his webs. Daredevil and Spider-Man swing off into the night. Spider-Man:I knew Terry Lee of the department for years. Now let’s go home.

    Chapter 8

    At the Home of the Parkers at night time. There is Mary Jane there with little May Day Parker. Peter Parker walks in the door. Mary Jane:Peter. I have something to tell you. I am again pregnant.Peter Parker:Our daughter could one day take my place and she could be known as Spider-Girl. Dr. Doom is out there. He has hired those who once worked for the Kingpin of crime.” MJ is pregnant again.

    At the New York City police station. In Captain Terry Lee’s office. There is Terry Lee sitting at her desk. Matt Murdock comes in with his walking cane. Terry Lee:Mr. Murdock. Can I offer you a ride back home tonight?Matt Murdock:No. I am building a case against Dr. Doom. His minions have gotten away years ago. Dr. Doom has hired the yakuza. The boss is Tsurayaba leader of the Hand. He’s hired the Hand to kill the head of the Daily Bugle.Terry Lee:Years ago a federal agent took bribes from The Kingpin. I put the Kingpin and that corrupt agent behind bars years ago along with The Kingpin’s son and Chameleon.” Matt Murdock goes over to Terry Lee. Matt:Spider-Man and Daredevil are hunting down Dr. Doom.

    At Dr. Doom’s headquarters later on. There are the Enforcers present with Dr. Doom. Dr. Doom:You Hammerhead hates Spider-Man. Daredevil also brought down the Bandannas gang some time after Spider-Man brought down Elisha Silvermaine and Tombstone. You men are known as the Enforcers. Go kill Daredevil and Spider-Man.” On the team are Mr. Big, Fancy Dan, The Ox and Montana. Also Hammerhead is present.

    Chapter 9

    On the streets of New York City at night time. There is Matt Murdock walking by with reflective clothing on. Matt Murdock goes off to an alley somewhere else.

    In an alley. Matt Murdock transforms into Daredevil. Stone of the leader of the Chaste shows up. Stone:Daredevil. It’s me Stone. I know that you faced Dr. Doom before. Our enemies the Hand is in league with Dr. Doom.Daredevil:You brought Elektra over to your side after the Hand brought her back to life. She was killed by Bullseye. Bullseye is also hired by Dr. Doom to kill us.” There are some Chaste ninjas with Stone. Stone:You’ll all face Dr. Doom while me and my ninjas face the Hand.” The Enforcers show up. Hammerhead:He’s the leader of the Chaste.” Hammerhead rams at Stone. Daredevil sends a high kick onto Hammer Head. Daredevil visualizes Fancy Dan’s gun. Daredevil throws a billy club hitting Fancy Dan on the head. Daredevil clobbers next Ox and Montana run after Daredevil. Daredevil goes up on his ropes. Hammerhead:Kill Daredevil.” Ox and Mr. Big are banged into each other. Montana lassoes some Chaste Ninjas. Montana:We’ll help the Hand win the war against the Chaste.” Stone throws a punch onto Montana. Fancy Dan and Daredevil fight each other in a martial arts fight. Daredevil defeats Fancy Dan. Daredevil goes to talk to Stone. Stone throws a punch knocking out Hammerhead. Stone:I knocked him out.Daredevil:The police will arrest them. Matt Murdock was talking to Captain Terry Lee of the NY PD.

    Chapter 10

    At the Daily Bugle the next day. There is J. Jonah Jameson present. Robbie comes in. Jameson:Dr. Doom attacks the city. I want a report on Dr. Doom.Robbie:Yes Mr. Jameson.Jameson:And Robbie. Spider-Man is part of the Hand.Robbie:Spider-Man is one of the good guys. He’s fighting against Dr. Doom.

    Outside of the Daily Bugle. There are some ninjas of the Hand. There are also the old man and young woman who work for Dr. Doom. Dr. Doom’s female minion:I once zapped the Silver Surfer as I lured him into a trap. You ninjas will kill J. Jonah Jameson. Kill Robbie Robertson.” They go to inside of the building. They go into the Daily Bugle.

    Nearby the Daily Bugle. There is Spider-Man swinging by. His spider sense if going off on some Hand Ninjas. Spider-Man goes swinging over to the Daily Bugle.

    In the Daily Bugle office. There is J. Jonah Jameson there. Some hand ninjas appear on him. Jameson:Ninjas. You must be the Hand.” Spider-Man swings in. Spider-Man:I will save you against JJ. I am one of the good guys.” Spider-Man webs some ninja sword. A ninja does a jump kick onto Spider-Man. Spider-Man throws a punch back at this ninja of the Hand. Dr. Doom’s 2 minions show up too. Dr. Doom’s male minion: “He’s Spider-Man.” Spider-Man leap kicks 2 more Hand ninjas. The female minion to Dr. Doom pulls out a taser. Spider-Man shoots webs onto this woman. The old man is next tied up by Spider-Man. He sticks the Hand ninjas to the ceiling with 2 of Dr. Doom’s minions. Spider-Man:Call the police JJ. I captured 2 of Dr. Doom’s minions with 3 Hand ninjas.

    Chapter 11

    At NY PD headquarters later on in the day. At Captain Terry Lee’s office. There is Terry Lee present. Also there are Spider-Man, Daredevil, The Fantastic Four, Franklin Richards, Silver Surfer and Bruce Banner. Terry Lee:We arrested 2 of Dr. Doom’s minions. Now I will come with you all to arrest Dr. Doom and other villains out there.Invisible Woman:We’ll have my son Franklin face Dr. Doom. We’ll face the symbiotes.Human Torch:My powers will get the symbiotes off of Dr. Doom’s minions.

    Somewhere else in the city. There is Elektra and Wolverine with Stone and the good ninjas. Wolverine:I will face the Hand with you.Stone:Elektra joined with us some time after Stick was killed. Claw and Shaft were killed by the Hand. I killed the leader of the Hand after he killed Stick.” They go after Dr. Doom.

    Chapter 12

    At Dr. Doom’s headquarters outside. There is the Fantastic Car. Also there is Wolverine in his vehicle carrying Franklin Richards and Bruce Banner. Silver Surfer goes flying by on his surfboard. Terry Lee is driving in her car. Also there are Spider-Man and Daredevil swinging by. Spider-Man:Here comes trouble Captain Lee. Those are Dr. Doom’s robots.” There comes the doom patrol. They fire on the team. Bruce Banner is shot. He transforms into the Incredible Hulk. Human Torch shoots doom bots with fireballs. Silver Sable shows up. Silver Sable:I have come to help. I want to stop Dr. Doom too.” Silver Sable shoots down doom bots. Silver Surfer shoots lasers out of his eyes shooting down doom bots. The Thing throws punches onto the doom patrol. Franklin Richards is shooting down doom bots. The Hulk shows up. The Hulk sends a sonic clap onto the Doom bots. Daredevil bangs some doom bots with his billy clubs. Silver Sable pulls out her knife. She slices down the rest of the doom patrol. Silver Sable:I am fighting for freedom against Dr. Doom.Terry Lee:I will arrest all those super villains.

    Chapter 13

    Else where in Dr. Doom’s headquarters. There is Dr. Doom present. Dr. Doom:You Typhoid Mary and Bullseye are hired assassin to kill The Fantastic Four and Spider-Man.” Also there are symbiotic villains. There are Rhino, Typhoid Mary and Bullseye present. The heroes show up. Dr. Doom:Kill them all.” Bullseye has paper clips with him. He also has nails with him. Franklin Richards takes on Dr. Doom himself. Franklin Richards: Face me Dr. Doom. You once took the powers away from my parents.” The Hulk takes on Rhino. Silver Sable takes on Agony. Invisible Woman takes on Scream. Mr. Fantastic takes on Phage. Human Torch takes on hand ninjas Daredevil takes on Bullseye. Silver Surfer takes on Riot. Spider-Man takes on hand ninjas as does Toxin. Stone takes on Tsurayaba. Elektra takes on Revanche. Wolverine takes on Kuroyama. The Chaste ninjas take on hand ninjas. The Thing takes on Lasher. Captain Terry Lee takes on Typhoid Mary. Terry Lee:You are all under arrest.

    Toxin takes on Hand ninjas with his powers. Toxin:I am on an undercover assignment for the NY PD just as I have taken a symbiote.” Doom bots fire at the Human Torch. Hybrid:In this suit I can extend my body. I am also NY PD.” Rhino rams at Hulk. Hybrid slices down some doom bots. The Hulk throws a punch onto Rhino. They are beating each other up. The Hulk throws Rhino to the ground. Lasher slashes at the Thing with his claws. The Thing throws a punch onto Lasher. A few hand ninjas shoot stars at Spider-Man. Spider-Man jumps out of the way. Spider-Man shoots webs onto those hand ninjas. Mr. Fantastic strikes Phage with his hammer hands just as Phage goes after Mr. Fantastic. Riot swings his claws at Silver Surfer. Silver Surfer throws a punch back onto Riot. Silver Surfer uses the lasers on Riot. Spider-Man:Keep blasting him Silver Surfer. It will get the symbiote off.” Silver Sable with her stick strikes Agony just as she slashes her hair at Silver Sable. Scream shoots a tentacle at Invisible Woman. Invisible Woman blocks them with her invisible shield. Invisible Woman shoots invisible energy balls at Scream. Human Torch shoots doom bots with fire balls. Spider-Man:Burn them all Johnny.” Silver Surfer gets the symbiote off of Riot. Human Torch lights fires on all of the symbiotes. Terry Lee and Typhoid Mary are throwing punches and kicks at each other. Terry Lee throws Typhoid Mary to the ground. She puts a pair of handcuffs on her. Terry Lee:You’re under arrest Typhoid Mary.Typhoid Mary:I am a hired assassin. I was hired to kill you too.Terry Lee:You will testify against Dr. Doom.” Elektra in battle strikes Revanche with her battle staff. Wolverine swings his blades at Kuroyama. Kuroyama swings his sword back at Wolverine. Wolverine throws a kick onto that Hand ninja. Many chaste ninjas knock out hand ninjas. Franklin Richards and Dr. Doom are shooting their powers at each other. Dr. Doom:I will kill you along with your parents. You were 1 when they sent you to mutant school and your parents went to outer space.” Human Torch burns the symbiotes off of the other villains. Bullseye shoots nails at Daredevil. Bullseye:Now I will kill you Daredevil.” Daredevil blocks them with his billy club. Bullseye next shoots paper clips at Daredevil. Daredevil throws his billy club hitting Bullseye in the forehead. Daredevil and Bullseye fight each other hand to hand. Daredevil defeats Bullseye. Bullseye:You made me miss. I never miss.Daredevil:I took you down against Bullseye.” Stone defeats Tsurayaba in the hand to hand fight. Tsurayaba:I declared myself the new leader after Elektra defeated Takashi. Now there will be no more of the Chaste.” Franklin Richards lifts Dr. Doom. He bangs him against the wall. The Hulk jumps onto Dr. Doom. He rips off his metal armor. Dr. Doom:You’ll all pay for this.” The Thing grabs onto Dr. Doom. Spider-Man:Captain Lee. Call for back up. You had 2 of your officers wearing symbiotes on an undercover assignment.” Terry Lee is on her cell phone. She calls for back up.

    Later on outside. There are many police cars there with prison transports. Dr. Doom and many other villains are being loaded into the prison transport trucks. Patrick Mulligan is one of cops loading the villains into the prison transport trucks and Scott Washington is loading villains into prison trucks. Silver Surfer is standing by the Fantastic Four, Franklin Richards, Bruce Banner, Silver Sable and Wolverine. Also there are Daredevil and Spider-Man. Silver Surfer:I will go back to Zen-La now. We have defeated Dr. Doom. We have dealt with him before years ago.Spider-Man:One of Dr. Doom’s minions helped capture you. I took her down with another man at the Daily Bugle when the Hand tried to assassinate J. Jonah Jameson. Toxin is my first symbiotic alley.” Silver Surfer flies off on his surf board. Spider-Man and Daredevil swing off into the night. Daredevil:I am done now. Matt Murdock will have Dr. Doom prosecuted for his acts of terrorism.” Everyone else leaves in their vehicles just as Wolverine as Franklin Richards with him. Terry Lee:I will give you a ride back Bruce.Bruce Banner:Most of the time I like to walk.” Bruce Banner gets into Terry Lee’s car.

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    2nd Television Movie Idea

    Marvel Action Movie 2: Major Villain Showdown

    Crossover 1990’s Marvel Comics Superhero Television Shows TV Movie Idea.


    On the streets of New York City in the day time. There are Spider-Man and Daredevil swinging down Times Square. Spider-Man follows Daredevil through Times Square. Spider-Man:Owl must’ve been back.Daredevil:You have twice defeated the Insidious 6. Now there’s the sinister 12. The Owl has hired the Sinister 12. Also Red Skull is bringing Nazism into New York City. Patrick Mulligan with Iron Fist and Luke Cage are dealing with Maggia run by Count Nefaria. Black Widow is teaming with them. Jessica Jones is dealing with Count Nefaria’s daughter.

    In New York near the city somewhere. At Red Skull’s headquarters. There are a bunch of New Age Nazis and Red Skull present. Mandarin shows up. Also there are Hypnotia, Justin Hammer, Grey Gargoyle, MUDOK, Whirlwind, Dread knight, Blizzard, Blacklash, Living Laser and Controller. Also who shows up are Crossbones, Klaw, Baron Zemo and Red Skull’s daughter Mother Superior. Many of Red Skull’s robot soldiers are being built. Red Skull:My followers. I will soon have world domination. The world will be our’s. I have recruited mutant hater William Stryker.” Ultron shows up. Ultron:I lead robots. We’ll destroy Captain America and the Avengers. We were defeated years ago. There will be New Age Nazis. Whirlwind. You take Klaw and Controller with you. Go raid some tattoo parlors. Living Laser will destroy tattoos and body piercings.” Whirlwind leaves the place along with Klaw and The Controller and a band of robotic soldiers.

    At the Owl’s headquarters in the day time. There is the Owl present. Also there is the Sinister 12. On the Sinister 12 are Shriek a woman, White Rabbit another woman, Speed Demon, Beetle, Rhino, Shocker, Doctor Octopus, Boomerang, Mysterio, Electro, Chameleon and Jack O’Lantern. Owl:You Shriek and White Rabbit haven’t before faced Spider-Man. You will join with 10 of those who have years ago been defeated by Spider-Man. Go after him and kill him.” The Sinister 12 leaves the place.

    Nearby the Baxter building in New York City. There are Spider-Man and Daredevil swinging by. The Fantastic Four shows up along with Valeria and Franklin Richards. Spider-Man:I have seen that both of the kids are teaming with us against the Sinister 12.” Spider-Man and Daredevil go over to the Fantastic Four and the kids of the X-Men team. Chameleon shows up posing as Captain America. Chameleon:I have defeated Red Skull.Daredevil:You aren’t Captain America. After we taken down the Insidious 12 we’ll take out Red Skull and his axis forces.” Dr. Octopus, Jack O’Lantern, White Rabbit, Mysterio, Electro, Rhino, Shocker, Shriek, Beetle, Speed Demon and Boomerang all show up. Chameleon takes off his disguise. Chameleon pulls out a gun. Chameleon:Fooled you all. We’ll next fight for our freedom. We don’t need any of you or the avengers.” He fires on the team. Invisible Woman has an invisible shield around everyone. Thing:It’s clobberin time!Human Torch:Flame On!” Rhino charges at the Thing. The Thing grabs Rhino. He throws him onto the ground. White Rabbit is shooting deadly carrots at the heroes. Electro shoots electricity at the heroes. Electro:Now I will Spider-Man fry you.” Spider-Man goes swinging by Electro. Shriek shoots lightning at the Invisible Woman. Shriek:I have found you Susan Richards.” She makes an invisible shield blocking it. Invisible Woman next throws her invisible shield striking Shriek. Daredevil throws his billy club knocking the gun out of Chameleon’s hand. Beetle shoots his powers at Human Torch. The Human Torch shoots down fireballs at the Beetle. Boomerang throws his deadly boomerangs at the heroes. Boomerang:Now I will kill you all.” Valeria Richards with her powers throws White Rabbit off of her rabbit thing. White Rabbit:You pay for this daughter of the Fantastic four members.” Franklin Richards shoots energy blasts back at Boomerang. Mr. Fantastic with his arms stretched out grabs Electro. Daredevil with his ropes ties up Chameleon. Daredevil:We’ll find the real Captain America and we don’t need any of you to take down the new Axis authority.” Doc Ock has his tentacles on Spider-Man and Daredevil. Doctor Octopus:It’s pay back time Spider-Man.” Jack O’Lantern pulls out a pumpkin bomb. Jack O’Lantern:I got them Doc Ock.” Spider-Man and Daredevil swing out of the way of Doc Ock’s tentacles. Doc Ock by accident grabs onto Jack O’Lantern with his tentacles. Doctor Octopus:Sorry.Spider-Man:We got Jack O’Lantern knocked out. Now we’ll get you Doc Ock.” Daredevil sends a round house kick onto Doctor Octopus. Mysterio shoots energy balls at the heroes. Mysterio:I got you now Spider-Man.” Spider-Man next with his webs captures Mysterio. Shocker:It’s payback time Spider-Man. I will shoot you all down.” Shocker shoots sound waves at Spider-Man. Speed Demon goes speeding over to the heroes. Speed Demon:So quickly I will lure you all into a trap.” Human Torch shoots flames around Speed Demon. Daredevil throws his billy clubs striking the Shocker’s sound waves. Spider-Man makes a web pool holding the whole sinister 12. Spider-Man:We’ll go after the Owl.Mr. Fantastic:Sue and I need a vacation with our kids.Invisible Woman:Not to long ago the Punisher was arrested on 2nd degree murder charges. He killed Flag Smasher.Daredevil:We’ll go nail the Owl.” Spider-Man and Daredevil go after the Owl.

    At the Owl’s headquarters outside. There are Spider-Man and Daredevil swinging by. Spider-Man:My spider sense is tingling.” They go over to there.

    In the Owl’s place. There is the Owl with his thugs. Owl:We’ll go after Red Skull and his axis authority and kill them all. The Sinister 12 should defeat Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four with the off springs of Invisible Woman and Mr. Fantastic. We’ll free everyone else and form a legion of doom. We’ll kill Red Skull and his Nazi followers.” Spider-Man and Daredevil jump into the place. Spider-Man:We are ending your plot for war.Daredevil:Matt Murdock the blind man has a case against you. You are going back to prison. We’ll next stop Red Skull.Owl:Kill them.” The Owl’s thugs pull out guns. Daredevil ducks and throws Spider-Man out of the way of gun fire. Spider-Man ties up some Owl thugs. Daredevil fights some hand to hand and incapacitates the Owl’s thugs. Daredevil:Take me on Owl.” Daredevil fights the Owl hand to hand. Owl swings his talons at Daredevil. Owl:I will kill you both.” Daredevil lays a kick onto the Owl. Spider-Man next ties up the Owl with his webs. Spider-Man:We’ll leave you here for the police.

    Somewhere else in New York City. There are present robotic Red Skull’s soldiers with Whirlwind, Klaw and The Controller and Living Laser. Whirlwind:We have found the tattoo parlor right here.Living Laser:You’ll rip off tattoos. You could easily rip off piercings.” They find a tattoo parlor.

    In the air in the Avengers quinjet. There are Captain America with Thor, Black Panther, Quicksilver, Black Widow and Scarlet Witch. The Avengers spot the villains. Captain America:I found Living Laser, Klaw, Controller and Whirlwind present.Scarlet Witch:My father was Magneto who lead the brotherhood of mutants. The X-Men long ago defeated the brotherhood of mutants.Quicksilver:Magneto is also my father. He will team with us against Nazis and Juggernaut is now on our side.” They land the jet there. They all get out.

    Over to the tattoo parlor. The Controller pulls out control discs. He shoots them at the tattoo parlor. The robots go into the place. Captain America and his avengers team show up. Captain America:What evil things you men are doing.Living Laser:Puny heroes. I will shut you up for good.” The robotic soldiers fire on the team. Captain America blocks their blaster fire with his shield. Controller throws disks. Quicksilver out runs the disks. Black Panther takes on Claw. Scarlet Witch and Black Widow take on Red Skull’s robotic soldiers as does Captain America. Scarlet Witch with her powers shoots down Red Skull’s robotic soldiers and Living Laser just as he is shooting lasers at the team. Black Widow shoots robot soldiers with the guns on her wrists. Whirlwind goes into tornado mode. Captain America throws his shield striking Whirlwind. Black Panther and Klaw swing claws at each other. Quicksilver out runs the disks. Controller:I will take control of the citizens just as Red Skull rules the world.” Hawkeye, War Machine, Spider-Woman, Thor and Iron Man show up. Iron Man:Not so fast you tyrants.” Iron Man punches out Controller. War Machine shoots down some robotic soldiers. Hawkeye with a non lethal arrow shoots down Whirlwind as he tries to blow away Captain America. Living Laser:I will fry you all with my lasers.” Thor strikes the rest of Red Skull’s robotic soldiers with his thunder mallet and Living Laser. Spider-Woman with her pink webs ties up Klaw, Controller and Whirlwind. Spider-Woman:We are the Avengers team. We’ll team up with Spider-Man.Captain America:Nick Fury and his shield agents are battling HYDRA and the leader. Also Spider-Man has joined with the Avengers. Magneto runs the X-Men since Professor Xavier died years ago.

    At the home of the Parkers at night time. There is Mary Jane with little Mayday and Richard Parker. Peter Parker comes in. MJ turns on the television. Peter Parker:Maybe Mayday will become Spider-Girl once I retire being Spider-Man. J. Jonah Jameson is on television.Mary Jane:I think that little May has your powers. She could be your replacement. John Jameson and his wife had a baby boy and named him Jack. Felicia Hardy and Flash Thompson have a little girl named Felicity.” It’s J. Jonah Jameson on the television. Jameson:This is J. Jonah Jameson for the evening news. Spider-Man and Daredevil teaming with the Fantastic Four have defeated the Sinister 12. Spider-Man I know is a hero and he took down the Owl teaming with Daredevil.

    At Red Skull’s headquarters the next day. There is Red Skull present. Also there are Henry Peter Gyrich and William Striker. There is also Red Skull’s band of Nazis. Red Skull:You have Henry Peter Gyrich years ago been arrested for murder of Charles Xavier.Gyrich:I discovered him as a mutant. Dr. Trask has betrayed me just as he resigned me. William Stryker here is an agent working for me.William Stryker:I was trained for the ministry but I joined the US army.Red Skull:Bring the X-Men here. My robot soldiers will bring them all to here. I will use them as my key source to eradicating mutants.

    Somewhere else in Red Skull’s quarters. There is Red Skull standing there. There are band of Nazis marching. Also there are super villains Mandarin, Hypnotia, Justin Hammer, Crossbones, Blacklash, Blizzard, Grey Gargoyle, MUDOK, Dread knight, Blizzard, Blacklash, Living Laser and Mother Superior Red Skull’s daughter. Also present is Baron Zemo. Red Skull, Baron Zemo and the New Age Nazis do the Nazi salute. They are marching around. Red Skull:What will we do with tattoos and piercings?Red Skull’s minions:Ban them.Red Skull:Yes. I will also ban hip hop music and many other popular music. No more face painting. No more mutants. We’ll eliminate those who oppose us.” William Stryker and Henry Peter Gyrich leave the place with a band of robotic soldiers going after the X-Men.

    At the X-Men mansion outside. William Stryker and Gyrich show up with a band of robotic soldiers. William Stryker:We got the X-Men now.

    In the X-Men mansion. There are Jean Grey and Cyclops walking around with their daughter Rachel. Cyclops:You have passed the tests in the simulation. We’ll fight for world freedom from Red Skull.Rachel Summers:It was said that I defeat Ahab the hound master who was defeated by Bishop. We teamed with Bishop against Ahab and defeated him.” Wolverine shows up with Storm. Wolverine:Magneto says that there are the New Age Nazis run by Red Skull. We must stop them.” Nightcrawler teleports into the room. Nightcrawler:I am here.

    Somewhere else in the mansion. There are Jubilee, Gambit, Rogue, Beast, Morph, Ice Man, Shadowcat, Banshee and Psylocke. Banshee:We have just defeated Onslaught and the brotherhood of evil mutants with Zaladane, Avalanche, Blob, Pyro, Toad, Mystique and many others on the team.” William Stryker and Henry Gyrich show up with a band of robotic soldiers. Psylocke:I sense trouble.” Psylocke makes a psychic knife from her hand. Gambit pulls out playing cards. Morph turns into Wolverine. He pulls out adamentium claws. He slices at robots. Stryker grabs Psylocke with his sentinel hand. William Stryker:I will weaken you all.Gambit:Who are you?” Gambit throws a playing card destroying a robot. Other robots shoot tranquilizer darts onto Rogue, Gambit, Morph and Beast. Ice Man shoots ice at the robots. He is next shot down. Ice Man and Shadowcat are next shot down. Psylocke loses her powers. Banshee:I have your backs.” Banshee next sends out a sonic scream and Jubilee shoots explosive energy out of her fingers. Nightcrawler teleports into the room. Nightcrawler:I have heard noise.Jubilee:You went right into a trap.” He is next shoot down by Red Skull’s robotic soldiers. Banshee and Jubilee are next shot down by robotic soldiers. Storm shows up and turns into a tornado. Storm:I will stop you all.” Stryker with his sentinel hand zaps Storm. Ice Man is next shot down by Red Skull’s robotic soldiers. Cyclops out of no where shoots optic blasts. Cyclops:Not so fast Gyrich.Wolverine:You must be Agent Stryker. I was in the military years ago.” Wolverine goes after William Stryker. Robotic soldiers shoot Wolverine with plasma. Jean Grey is shot down by tranquilizer darts from the robot soldiers as is Rachel Summers. Gyrich next with a stun gun zaps Cyclops. All those present in the X-Men mansion are taken captive by the robotic soldiers. William Stryker:Now you all go powerless. You are all coming to Red Skull’s quarters and we’ll eliminate the rest of the mutants.

    Later on outside of the mansion. There are helicopters flying off with Stryker and Gyrich aboard. Magneto and Juggernaut show up next. Magneto:It has to be mutant hater William Stryker who could take of the Friends of Humanity after Victor Creed.Juggernaut:We’ll stop them.Magneto:The Nazis killed my parents. I killed them in return. We’ll have the Avengers team with us to rescues the X-Men.” They find the X-Men mansion empty.

    Later on at Red Skull’s quarters. There is Red Skull standing there. William Stryker and Henry Gyrich show up with the X-Men captured by robotic soldiers. Red Skull:Good. You have captured the X-Men. We’ll next take Magneto who survived the Nazi holocaust.” Red Skull’s band of New Age Nazis show up. Red Skull:Blizzard, Blacklash and Dread Knight. You’ll go with my Nazi band after the Avengers. Kill Daredevil and kill Magneto. Also there is Juggernaut.” The New Age Nazis go out onto the streets of New York City along with Blacklash and Blizzard and Dread knight.

    On the Streets of New York City. There are Spider-Man and Daredevil swinging by. Magneto shows up with Juggernaut. Daredevil pulls out his billy clubs on his heightened senses. Juggernaut:I am now reformed.Magneto: The Nazis have taken the X-Men as has William Stryker the mutant hater.Spider-Man:I remember that you Magneto was an enemy of the X-Men.” Spider-Man and Daredevil go over to Magneto and Juggernaut. New Age Nazis show up with guns along with Dread Knight, Blizzard and Blacklash. Dread Knight:There are the heroes. Kill them all.” Magneto makes a force field around him. Blacklash:Let’s kill Magneto and kill those heroes too.” The New Age Nazis fire on Magneto. Magneto shoots magnetism taking the guns from the Nazis. Blizzard:I got you now Magneto.” Blizzard shoots ice at Magneto. Juggernaut rams into Blizzard. Dread Knight pulls out his sword. Blacklash whips at Spider-Man. Spider-Man leaps out of the way. Spider-Man ties up Blacklash. Daredevil and Dread Knight are fighting each other hand to hand. Daredevil next with his ropes ties up Dread Knight. Juggernaut rams into the New Age Nazis. Spider-Man ties up everyone. Spider-Man:The Avengers will be looking for me. Let’s leave them here for the police. Captain Terry Lee has a case on Nazism and The Owl himself.” The Avengers quinjet shows up next. It lands. Captain America comes out of the jet. Iron Man, War Machine, Spider-Woman, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Black Panther, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch and Thor all come out of the jet too. Captain America:Get on Spider-Man. You too Daredevil and Magneto. I saw that you Juggernaut joined the good side. You could Spider-Man talk to Ghost Rider. Warn him of Red Skull’s plot.” Magneto goes over to Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver. Everyone gets into the jet. Police cars show up later on just as the jet leaves the site.

    At Red Skull’s headquarters. There is Red Skull present with his followers and there are Red Skull’s robotic soldiers. Baron Zemo shows up on Red Skull. Baron Zemo:I think Red Skull that the heroes defeated our Nazis.Red Skull:When we destroy the avengers and Daredevil and even Spider-Man we’ll spring all those they defeated and even kill Magneto and Juggernaut.

    At the Avengers headquarters. In a computer room. Captain America and the Avengers show up with Spider-Man and Daredevil and the reformed super villains Magneto and Juggernaut. Captain America:I will go over to the computer. We’ll find Red Skull’s fortress. It’s somewhere near the city. We’ll take down Red Skull and you Magneto will free the X-Men members captured.Iron Man:Sub Mariner is fighting Atuma in Atlantis. Atuma is also in league with Red Skull.” Captain America goes over to a computer.

    In Atlantis there are Atuma and Sub Mariner fighting each other. There are many people watching including Lady Dorma and the off spring of Prince Namor.

    At Central Park at night time. There is Zarathos present. Also there are villains called Blackheart, Ruth, Orb, Kazann possessing Outcast, Fashima a woman, Demogoblin, Death Watch, Skinner and Blackout present. They have flames lit there. Zarathos:We will rule the world. Spider-Man and Daredevil teaming with the Fantastic Four have defeated The Owl and Sinister 12. We’ll crush the Avengers and even kill Red Skull and those all in league with him.” Ghost Rider Danny Ketch shows up with Johnny Blaze the original Ghost Rider and Vengeance a reformed villain. Ghost Rider:It’s over Zarathos. You won’t eat anyone’s souls.” Spider-Man and Daredevil also swing by and Juggernaut rams in. Magneto shows up too. Magneto:I am a reformed terrorist. I will save the world from you demons.Outcast:I am possessed by Kazann.” Blackheart: “I will burn you all.” Blackheart shoots blue flames at the heroes. Vengeance takes on Skinner. Johnny Blaze takes on Blackout. Juggernaut takes on Deathwatch. Magneto takes on Orb. Ghost Rider takes on Blackheart. Spider-Man takes on Demogoblin. Daredevil takes on Kazann in the body of Outcast. Fashima jumps at Ghost Rider. Ghost Rider whips Fashima with his chains. Ruth is struck next by Ghost Rider’s chain. Vengeance and Skinner are fighting each other hand to hand. Blackout jumps at Johnny Blaze. Johnny Blaze with his flame thrower shoots Blackout. Vengeance defeats Skinner. Death watch shoots at Juggernaut. Juggernaut sends an uppercut onto Deathwatch. Demogoblin shoots pumpkin bombs at Spider-Man. Demogoblin:You have Spider-Man defeated the Hobgoblin and Green Goblin.” Spider-Man swings by and sends a kick onto Demogoblin knocking him off of his glider. Outcast extends bones from his body. He has a skull thing and swings it at Daredevil. Outcast:I am possessed by Kazann. I will destroy you man without fear.” Daredevil visualizes the villain. Daredevil knocks him out with his billy club. Kazann leaves the body of Outcast. Kazann goes back to the underworld. Orb shoots lasers at Magneto. Magneto blocks them with a force field. Magneto with his powers grabs onto the motorcycle flipping Orb off of it. Ghost Rider and Blackheart shoot flames at each other. Ghost Rider defeats Blackheart. Zarathos:I will eat all of your souls. I will even eat the souls of the Avengers and Red Skull and his daughter Mother Superior.” Zarathos shoots flames at the heroes. Ghost Rider whips his chain at Zarathos. Johnny Blazes shoots Zarathos with his flame throwers. Daredevil next strikes Zarathos in the face with his billy clubs defeating the demon. All those demons go into the inferno. Spider-Man ties up the other villains there. Spider-Man: “I am warning you Johnny Blaze that there are girls at the motorcycle race with pierced bellybuttons.” Daredevil:Red Skull with Baron Zemo are plotting to rip off tattoos and body piercings and have people arrested for them.Spider-Man:We are teaming with the Avengers just as I was recruited.Johnny Blaze:I am the original Ghost Rider.Vengeance:I was part of the NY PD before I was recruited by Zarathos.” Spider-Man and Daredevil swing off into the night.

    The next day at the office of Matt Murdock. There is Matt Murdock at his desk tapping his blind man’s cane. Also present is Captain America. Captain America:Did you find Red Skull’s headquarters?Matt Murdock:Yes. Turk a reformed criminal told me. Years ago I fought Turk.Captain America:Spider-Man defeated Kingpin years ago.

    Later on in the day. There are Spider-Man and Daredevil swinging off with Black Widow to Red Skull’s headquarters. Daredevil:I used to fight Turk. Turk told me about Red Skull’s whereabouts.” Thor, War Machine and Iron Man are flying by. There is also the Avengers quinjet flying by carrying Captain America, Hawkeye, Spider-Woman, Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver and Black Panther. Also Magneto and Juggernaut are aboard the Avengers quinjet. Magneto:I will end Nazism in the world.” They all go over to Red Skull’s headquarters.

    In Red Skull’s quarters. There is Red Skull present with his band of robotic soldiers and his evil followers. Also there is Ultron present. Red Skull:We’ll soon expect a visit from the Avengers. We’ll kill them all on Daredevil. Even kill Magneto and the Juggernaut.” Grim Reaper pulls out his axe. Grim Reaper:They will come here to die.” Baron Zemo pulls out his gun. Red Skull also pulls out his gun as does Justin Hammer. Captain America:You know the meaning of justice. Let’s take them out.Red Skull:My daughter here will face Black Widow the Russian woman.” Black Widow takes on Mother Superior. War Machine takes on Ultron. Hawkeye takes on Grey Gargoyle. Scarlet Witch and Spider-Woman take on Hypnotia. Juggernaut and Black Panther take on the rest of the robotic soldiers. Spider-Man and Daredevil take on Crossbones. Crossbones, Justin Hammer and Red Skull fire on the heroes. Ultron shoots lasers at the heroes. Thor blocks them with his hammer. Mudok shoots thought bolts at the heroes. Thor strikes Mudok with his mallet. Black Panther throws kicks onto some robotic soldiers. Daredevil strikes robotic soldiers with his billy clubs bouncing. Daredevil:You Avengers will deal with Red Skull while I with Magneto and Juggernaut rescue the X-Men.” Captain America throws his shield and strikes Justin Hammer. Quicksilver makes a tornado around some Red Skull soldiers. Red Skull next grabs the shield. Captain America rams into Red Skull. Captain America:I will face you Red Skull just as we fist met in World War 2.Red Skull:Than we’ll never meet again after now.” Grey Gargoyle shoots bricks at Hawkeye. Hawkeye with a non lethal arrow shoots down Grey Gargoyle. Mandarin shoots his powers at Iron Man. Mandarin:Now I will kill you Iron Man.Iron Man:Never. We are the Avengers and there will be no more Nazis.” War Machine and Ultron shoot lasers at each other. War Machine blows up Ultron. Crossbones shoots at Spider-Man. Crossbones:You’ll be trapped.” Spider-Man leaps out of the way of gun firing. Spider-Man lays a good kick onto Crossbones. Spider-Man next ties up Crossbones. Black Widow and Mother Superior are fighting each other hand to hand. Black Widow:You must be Red Skull’s daughter. I am from the CIA.” Black Widow defeats Mother Superior. Juggernaut rams onto some robotic soldiers. He throws around others. Hypnotia shoots hypnotic blasts at the women heroes. Hypnotia:I will destroy you now and people answer to us all.Scarlet Witch:I will face you now. I was once a member of the brotherhood.” Scarlet Witch shoots down Hypnotia. Spider-Woman destroys some robotic soldiers. Spider-Woman next ties up Hypnotia with some other villains. Spider-Woman:I defeated you before years ago Mother Superior.” Grim Reaper shoots lasers at Juggernaut. Zemo fires on Magneto. Baron Zemo:I will get you now.” Juggernaut next rams Grim Reaper. Captain America and Red Skull are fighting each other hand to hand. Magneto with his power throws the gun out of Baron Zemo’s hand and clobbers him on the face. Magneto takes Zemo’s rod and knocks him out with it. Magneto:You’ll come with me Spider-Man. The rest of you deal with Red Skull. I hate Nazis.” Spider-Man and Daredevil go to rescue the X-Men along with Magneto and Juggernaut. Iron Man in battle throws a punch onto Mandarin.

    At the prison area of Red Skull’s quarters. There are the X-Men members taken prisoner. Red Ghost appears out of nowhere along with William Striker and Henry Peter Gyrich. Red Ghost:I created MUDOK. I think that the Avengers defeated him.Wolverine:You won’t get away with this Stryker. We might’ve know each other from the military years ago.Storm:You Gyrich killed Professor Xavier years ago.” Spider-Man, Daredevil, Magneto and the Juggernaut show up next. Spider-Man:My spider sense is tingling.Red Ghost:I will get you all now.” Red Ghost goes after the heroes. Daredevil radar scans for the invisible villain. Juggernaut rams into the machine of the compound and he uppercuts Gyrich and Stryker. Juggernaut:I was mutated by a gem. I am not really a mutant.” Spider-Man next ties up Red Ghost in his webs. Spider-Man:We found you Red Ghost.” Magneto with his powers grabs hold of William Stryker’s mechanical hand. He throws him into the machine. William Stryker:You’ll pay for this mutant.” The X-Men members are all freed. Spider-Man:We’ll go back to dealing with Red Skull. Daredevil and I took down the New Age Nazis.

    Back to Captain America vs. Red Skull. The fighting is going on. Red Skull’s minions are defeated. Captain America continues fighting Red Skull. Red Skull:I will bowl you all down.Captain America:You are being beaten Red Skull. We are teaching you the meaning of justice.” Red Skull throws Captain America into Black Panther, Black Widow, Thor, Hawkeye, Spider-Woman, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch and War Machine. Red Skull:I will rise everyone and you will all be killed. Mandarin…” Daredevil throws a billy club striking Red Skull. Spider-Man shows up and ties up Red Skull’s minions all there. Spider-Man:You won’t be able to bring us down now.Red Skull:I am a skilled combatant. I could free them all from your webs Spider-Man.” Red Skull jump kicks Daredevil next. Red Skull grabs Daredevil and throws him into Spider-Man. Juggernaut rams into the way to grab Daredevil. The X-Men all show up on Red Skull. Red Skull:Now you will face me.Magneto:It’s pay back time you Nazi agent.” Magneto rips steal beams from parts of the building and hits Red Skull with them. Juggernaut picks up a defeated Red Skull. Juggernaut:Now we have defeated you.

    Later on outside. There are all the heroes grouped together. There are many cops with Red Skull and his minions present along with Gyrich and Agent Stryker the traitor captured and many other villains. They are loaded into prison transports. Jean Grey lifts all those with her who don’t fly. Everyone else on the X-men team goes flying off. The Avengers swing off into the quinjet with Juggernaut aboard. Spider-Man and Daredevil swing off into the day. Daredevil:I will swing back into the city.Wolverine:Jean-Grey will fly us who don’t fly back to the mansion.Captain America:I have saved the world from terror and tyranny.Magneto:We’ll combat any more evil out there. I am a reformed villain.” Magneto goes floating into the air.

    Many days later outside of the United Nations. There are Spider-Man and Daredevil present along with Juggernaut and Magneto. The entire X-Men team and Avengers team along with Captain America are present. Spider-Man: This man here will take our photo. He’s a new photographer for the Daily Bugle to replace Peter Parker.Daredevil:Matt Murdock has prosecuted Red Skull and his daughter Mother Superior and those who follow him.” There is a Daily Bugle photographer there present. He takes the picture.

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    This is updated. The second story I just decided to make more sense on the title.

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