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"101 Dalmation Street" News and Dicussion Thread (Spoilers)

Discussion in 'Disney/Pixar Forum' started by MDawg, Jun 13, 2017.

  1. Red Arrow :D

    Red Arrow :D Proud Beneluxer

    Oct 22, 2012
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    There's a thread about this already.
  2. Ed Liu

    Ed Liu That's 'Cause I ATE IT!!!
    Staff Member Moderator Reporter

    Sep 6, 2001
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    Merged. Carry on.
  3. Clamity Jane

    Clamity Jane New Member

    Aug 15, 2017
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    That might be a bad example.
    The Disney Jungle Book is virtually nothing like the original Kipling Jungle Book, but it still keeps the same name.
    For example, in the original Kaa is very wise, brave and one of Mowgli's closest and most loyal friends. In the Disney version he is a whiny hypochondriac who wants to eat Mowgli.
    So basically Disney has been completely changing things for years but keeping brand names.
  4. ZukoFan

    ZukoFan Member

    Sep 15, 2015
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    I think I'll just let this one play out. I'm not really sure what to expect, but some recent animated shows have really been surprising me lately. If it's as good as the DuckTales reboot, I'm in. And since it takes place in London, could I dare to dream of a Basil of Baker Street cameo?

    I know this doesn't relate to the topic, but I just want to thank you for bringing this point up about Kaa. He's my favorite character in the Jungle Book :)
    #44 ZukoFan, Sep 19, 2017
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 2, 2017

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