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“Brandy & Mr. Whiskers” Season One -> Season Two Changes

Discussion in 'Disney/Pixar Forum' started by The Huntsman, Dec 23, 2009.

  1. The Huntsman

    The Huntsman Friend of Toon Zone

    Aug 23, 2005
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    This is an issue that I have raised several times here, but it has been gnawing at the back of my mind ever since and I wanted to create this thread to see if anybody else had any thoughts on this matter. I know that “Brandy & Mr. Whiskers” didn’t really have a ton of fans on here, but I’m hoping that the fans that are on here will come out of the woodwork for this.

    In the first season, Brandy Harrington and Mr. Whiskers got stranded in the Amazon. The Amazon was, of course, primitive in nature; this served as a challenge for Brandy, as she was a socialite and was used to having everything handed to her on a silver platter. Through the course of the first season, she would try to introduce modern concepts like currency and shopping, but all of which backfired and she was forced to make due with her unpleasant environment. There were also multiple episodes in which Brandy tried to find her way home.

    However, in the second season, things changed completely. The Amazon became fully civilized; there were amusement parks, malls, schools and all sorts of other things. Such really bothered me. I still preferred the second season over the first simply because Brandy and Mr. Whiskers’ relationship had improved, but it felt like a completely different series. They also stopped having episodes in which Brandy tried to find her way home, but I guess she didn’t really need to anymore because she was practically back in Florida with how advanced the Amazon became.

    The writers knew that this made little sense and even joked about it in season two’s premiere episode.

    Brandy Harrington: I don’t understand! Has this place been here the whole time?!
    Lola Boa: Of course! We would have mentioned it sooner, but there’s a very good reason we didn’t.

    The reason, of course, was never revealed.

    For those who have seen the series, especially both seasons, did the sudden change bother you as much as it bothered me?
  2. ToonFaithful

    ToonFaithful The One Who Knocks™

    Aug 25, 2009
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    I only saw season 1 but season 2 sounds pretty interesting. Brandy and Mr. Whiskers comes on at 6:00 or 6:30am on Disney Channel weekdays.
    #2 ToonFaithful, Dec 23, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Dec 24, 2009
  3. Light Lucario

    Light Lucario Moderator
    Staff Member Moderator

    May 11, 2007
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    I saw a few episodes from each season, but I did notice the modern changes to the Amazon in season two. It was kind of odd how they went from being in a completely jungle environment to having stores and being able to buy things with shiny rocks. That change didn't bother me, but it was kind of confusing. Though, I honestly didn't see that much of the series, so I don't think that it bothered me as much as it did for you. I can definitely understand why it really upset you.
  4. The Huntsman

    The Huntsman Friend of Toon Zone

    Aug 23, 2005
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    That’s the thing… Brandy Harrington actually introduced shiny rocks as currency in the first season episode “Blind Ambition” and it was used throughout the season on occasion.

    Brandy Harrington: I am so mad! Gaspar is totally ripping us off! Who’s the loser who introduced the concept of money to the jungle?!
    Mr. Whiskers: Uh… You, Brandy. Remember?
    Brandy Harrington: (in flashback) And we’ll use these shiny, but essentially useless rocks to barter for goods and services.
    Brandy Harrington: (in present) I needed some sort of economic system so I could flaunt my wealth over everyone.
    Mr. Whiskers: Except you don’t have much wealth.
    Brandy Harrington: The fatal flaw in my plan. I didn’t count on having to earn it.

    But her attempts never really brought about lasting change. The mall thing is even more confusing, as this is a quote from the first episode of season one:

    Lola Boa: Want to go to the clearing, Brandy?
    Brandy Harrington: The clearing?
    Lola Boa: Yeah. Yeah. That’s where everyone goes. There’s food and games, and a big fountain in the middle.
    Brandy Harrington: So it’s like a mall?
    Lola Boa: Yeah. I guess. What’s a mall?
    Brandy Harrington: Oh! Wow! A mall! I could really use some stuff!
    (later on in the episode)
    Brandy Harrington: You’ve got to be kidding me. Okay. This. This is not a mall. Malls have stores, and movie theaters and food courts. Not stinking animals bathing in their drinking water!
    Meryl: Girl, you’ve gotta give it a chance.
    Cheryl: Yeah, by jungle standards, this place is pretty hip.

    That scene makes absolutely no sense when compared to the second season, when it is implied that the animals always had a mall and that they always were civilized. Brandy Harrington even got them to build a mall in “Trouble In Store”, in which the animals had no idea what a mall was and they ultimately tore everything down because of credit problems. If the writers really felt the need to make the second season so different, they could have simply built upon the first season and made it to where Brandy Harrington’s efforts to civilize the jungle are the reason they changed so much. However, they went a completely different route and contradicted much of the first season.
  5. Mesousa

    Mesousa Biggest Hinata Azuma fanboy

    Dec 24, 2008
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    Not really, but they could've done a way, way better job lampshading it.

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