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    Slipped Pieces. A Teen Titan fic. Hope you like!

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    Okay, this is my first fic. on this site. This may seem a little confusing at first, but it's all good. Please R&R. OC is greatly appreciated. I love to know what you guys think, b/c I hope to post another fic. here.

    Ch. 1 "Slipped Pieces"

    mans Starfire is singing, and green means the music is in the background.

    Starfire is standing on top of a pile of boulders. The other Titans are skattered across a rocky mine. They all were searching despritly for there fallen leader. Star had been up all night searching for him after the battle.

    "Star, we can't find him anywhere. Are you sure he fell here?" Beast Boy softly asked the crying girl. "Yes, I am positive. *sniff* Please, I need to be alone right now." Star replied as she flew to the Tower... into Robin's room.

    As she was holding a picture of Robin.

    He was leaning against an oak tree in normal attire; he was wearing black baggy pants and a red short sleeve shirt, he was also wearing a pair of black sunglasses to cover his eyes from everyone's view.

    She thought he was so handsome out of his uniform, and his it. Heck, she even caught him in the hall in a towel one day, but she did not smile at the thoughts of her past. Robin was gone, gone forever. Starfire started to sing when she sat on his bed and looked at his picture.She was singingAvril Lavigne's "Slipped Away".

    Na na/ Na na na na na/ I miss you/ I miss you so bad/

    Star took 2 of her fingers and slid them down Robin's picture. She started to cry again.

    I don't forget you/ Oh it's so sad/

    A tear ran down her face and landed on his face.

    I hope you can hear me/ I remember it clearly/

    (flashback) They were fighting Slade. Yes, he was back, this time he wouldn't leave until the Titans were gone for good, or a least one of them anyway. He was out for one Titans in paticular, and surprisingly enough it wasn't Robin. He was out for Starfire. He knew if he killed her that the Titans would be vunerable. He had kinnaped her and she layed chained to the rocky floor. They were in a mine shaft. She tried her starbolts and eye beams, but they were useless. She was stuck unless Slade let her go, which was highly unlikely, or someone saved her.

    "Well, well, well? What do we have here? I do believe we have ourselves a treasure." Slade menicingly, but yet camly stated.

    "What do you want with me?" As Star yelled this to Slade the rest of the Teen Titans, except one, bursted into Slade's lair.

    "Let. Her. Go. Slade." Cyborg groweled under his breath.

    "Ah, The Teen Titans, what a suprise, where is Robin? I thought he would come by himself to save the girl himself. I guess not, he will miss quite a show." Slade pulled out a knife and put it to Starfire's neck. "If you come any closer, I'll slit her throut, and make sure she dies!" Slade lowered the knife to the tied Tameranien. As he was about to cut the terified gril's throut Robin came from behind and attacked Slade.

    "What the.." Slade yelled as the knife was thrown in the air, and landed in front of the Boy Wonder.

    "I wouldn't want to miss this for the world." Robin quickly started cutting Starfire's ankles and then moved to her right arm. The others were being attacked by Slade's minions in the background, so they were no help. Slade kicked Robin in the side of the head, knocking him unconsious for a second or two.

    "I'm not through with her yet!" Slade slyly stated as he picked up the knife, his back was turned from the Tamerainnien.

    "Yes you are!" Starfire shouted as she shot him with her eye lasers. Slade hit the wall, Robin stood up drowsily, but quickly ran to Star.

    "Are you ok?" He asked as he continued cutting the chain on her right arm.

    "Yes Robin, I am undamaged... LOOK OUT!" She shoved him out of the way of the incoming disk. It exploded in front of the girl causing a giant hole in the floor. She was burned and cutt from the explosion, but she was ok.

    "STARFIRE!!" Robin yelled as the disk exploded. He ran to her side as the dust settled.

    "ROBIN!! NOOOO!!" Star screamed as Slade hit him in the stomach sending him flying into a rock jutting out of the ground. He was on his knees and looking up at Slade. Slade grabed Robin's cape and threw him at Starfire. She was so enraged that a blast of energy shot Slade so hard it threw him into the hole, but Slade shot a grapling hook onto Robin's leg, pulling the Boy Wonder down with him.

    The day you slipped away/

    Robin grabbed on of Starfire's lose chains and whispered into her ear. "I can't hold on much longer, so before I fall I want to tell you something very important."

    Was the day I found it won't be the same/

    Robin's grip on the chains were loseining, and the chain was slowly breaking. Star grabed Robin's arm and was trying to pull him up. She couldn't get a good enough grip because her left arm was still chained to the floor. "Robin, you must not give up!" She was straining to keep Robin and Slade up.

    Oh /na na/ na na na na na/

    "Star, whatever happends I love you, I always have and always will." He was about to kiss her on the check but then the chain broke.

    I didn't get around to kiss you/ Goodbye on the hand/


    I wish that I could see you again

    Starfire droped his picture onto her lap, and stood up. She stared blankly at a wall. It finally hit her, and it hit her HARD.

    I know that I can't/

    She started to talk to herself quitly. "Robin..Robin!! Please!! ROBIN, NOOO!!" She fell to the floor crying uncontrolably.

    I hope you can hear me/ I remember it clearly/ The day you slipped away/ Was the day I found it won't be the same/ Oh

    "STARFIRE, COME HERE NOW WE FOUND ROBIN!!!" Raven yelled in her communicator. Star heard Raven and flew to the mine shaft as fast as she could.

    I've had my wake up/ won't you wake up/ I keep on asking why/

    "Where is he!?!?!" Star yelled as she flew into the room where the others were. Cyborg was beside Robin with a serious look apon his face. Beast Boy was beside Cyborg fighting back tears. Raven was on the other side of Robin chanting, while trying to concentrate. Star flew to Robin. "What's wrong?" The terrified girl asked as she looked at the broken boy. "Ssttar, He..he's not responding." Beast Boy spoke first.

    I can't take it/ It wasn't fake it/ It happened you passed by/

    "Star...he might be dead." Cyborg stated first.

    Now your gone/ Now your gone/ There you go/ There you go/ Somewhere I can't bring you back/

    Star couldn't take it any more. She started to stand up, but colasped bck onto the floor.

    Now your gone/ Now your gone/ There you go/ There you go/ Somewhere your not coming back/

    Raven ran to Starfire and tried to wake her up, but couldn't. "Oh God! Why did you tell her that!? We don't know if he's dead yet!" Raven yelled. "Raven! Calm down berore you lose it." Beast Boy comforted the goth.

    The day you slipped away/ Was the day I found it won't be the same/ Oh /

    Later that day Star woke up in the infermery room. On the bed beside her she say Robin, laying unconconious. "He is in a coma Star. He won't wake up for a while. We are surprised he even lived through a fall like that." She turned to see that Cyborg was the the one who spoke.

    na na/

    Star slowly got up, not paying attention to the pain that shot through her.

    na na na na na/

    She leaned over to Robin and placed a small peck on his cheeck. "Please wake up soon Robin." I miss you

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    yay, firstsies!

    Well done.
    Pandering to the sappy rob/star demographic, huh?

    Regardless of subject matter, it was very attention grabbing!
    Christmas is awesome!
    Read this. Trust me, it's teh shiznite!
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    This HAS to be the best description of feelings between Robin and Starfire since Vanishing Act. I like the music that you intertwine into your story. There's not really anything to critique, besides if you're against the Robin/Starfire relationship coughcoughreidcough. Very well done.

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    Wow. That was soooo good. I'm so glad you posted it!
    There's not really anything to critique, besides if you're against the Robin/Starfire relationship coughcoughreidcough. Very well done.

    "I'll give you this strawberry if you keep it a secret, okay?" -L

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    Niceness. Keep it up. Everyone else stole what I wanted to say...so, well, um, yeah...good job and keep posting!
    That just about covers it...

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    You guys really like it? Thank you so much!

    Just so you know, this takes place after season 2. I'm going to try and put some of the episodes in my Ch.s
    'Haunted' is my fav. episode, so that will be one of my main drives till that Ch.
    But before I start incorperating the episodes, which will start after the holidays, I'm going to add a Christmas Ch.

    Thanks again, and I'll try and post ASAP!
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    Quote Originally Posted by oneeyemonkeypie
    Pandering to the sappy rob/star demographic, huh?
    Well, I shamelessly admit that one of those demographs (?) is me. Who'd have thought it, huh?

    Anyway, this is great stuff. Please continue!
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    I loved everything! The robin/starfire relationship was awesome, very good description. I could imagine everything. the flashback was also described very well, i actually understood it. (unlike other flashbacks...) and I think you described the way starfire felt greatly. in other words, AWESOME story, can't wait for another chapter!
    if you're against the Robin/Starfire relationship coughcoughreidcough.
    heh... i'm only against it a little.... *cough*
    Rikku does rock raven37.

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    Quote Originally Posted by oneeyemonkeypie
    Pandering to the sappy rob/star demographic, huh?
    if i asked you what demographic was would you tell me to get a dictionary?

    this story is da bomb!!!
    you should write more
    you will write more!!!!


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    Ninesies!! Yay!!

    I loved the description about Star and Robin's feelings, it was awesome. I loved it so.

    Also, since Avril Lavinge rocks, I loved how you used her song, touche, touche...

    Rikku is the guy from Kingdom Hearts, am I right? If not, then it has to be Final Fantasy, right?
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