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  1. Disney Will Introduce Elena of Avalor, a Latina Princess, on Sofia the First, then will have Spin-off Series
  2. "Strange Magic" Talkback (Spoilers)
  3. "Star vs the Forces of Evil" Series Talkback
  4. February 2015 premieres on Disney Channel / Disney XD
  5. Pete's Dragon remake?
  6. My Notes on Dumbo
  7. Christine Cavanaugh
  8. The Brave Little Toaster series
  9. Should Disney XD be rebranded?
  10. Gravity Falls question.
  11. 2015 for Disney - What are Your Predictions?
  12. Should elsa get a boyfriend in frozen 2
  13. Why do some people think Disney Channel started going downhill in 2006?
  14. Classic Disney on TCM right now
  15. Complaints About Disney Channel/XD/Junior/Cinemagic
  16. Does anyone even remember Jetix?
  17. January 2015 premieres on Disney Channel / Disney XD
  18. Best & Worst of Disney Channel/Disney XD in 2014
  19. Runs of certain shows.
  20. Why is Disney Channel so against animation?
  21. Could Disney talk with Shout Factory about releasing Muppet Babies complete series on DVD?
  22. Disney Channel or Disney XD?
  23. Lost Oswald short found in Norway.
  24. Toonzone Talkback "Toy Story That Time Forgot" (spoilers)
  25. When Will the Final 6 Episodes of Xiaolin Chronicles Air in the US?
  26. Disney XD Renews The 7D for a Season 2
  27. Vault Disney Programming is Back.....On TCM?
  28. Disney Adventures Magazine! HELP!
  29. TalkBack - Gravity Falls - "The Love God" [11/26]
  30. December 2014 premieres on Disney Channel / Disney XD
  31. Potential "Phineas & Ferb: Mission Marvel 2"?
  32. Is Disney Channel better off now than it was in 2006?
  33. "The Little Mermaid," 25 years later
  34. Lucasfilm's "Strange Magic"
  35. TalkBack - Gravity Falls - "Blendin's Game" [11/10]
  36. Disney Television Animation's 30th Anniversary
  37. "Toy Story 4" Coming June 2017, Directed by John Lasseter
  38. "Golden Anniversary of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" question?
  39. My theory on who the mysterious author in gravity falls really is?
  40. November 2014 premieres on Disney Channel / Disney XD
  41. What shows would you like to see on Disney Junior?
  42. TalkBack - Gravity Falls - "Society of the Blind Eye" [10/27]
  43. So what animated shows DOES Disney own?
  44. Superheroes, warriors that Disney could give an animated TV series to
  45. Does anyone know who this disney character is?
  46. Billy West was in House of Mouse?
  47. Disney's Pucca
  48. Disney Feature Animation
  49. Disney's "Moana" officially announced for 2016
  50. The Future of The Nightmare Before Christmas
  51. "Star Wars Rebels" Series Talkback (SPOILERS)
  52. what is Disney Channel Wander The Movie?
  53. TalkBack - Gravity Falls - "Little Gift Shop of Horrors" - [10/4]
  54. The Weekenders
  55. "Star Wars Rebels: Spark of Rebellion" Talkback (SPOILERS)
  56. What is wrong with tonight's september 26, 2014 disney xd schedule?
  57. October 2014 premieres on Disney Channel / Disney XD
  58. TALKBACK - Gravity Falls - "Soos and the real girl" - [9/22]
  59. Opinions wanted for podcast: What are your thoughts on the 1937 Disney classic Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs?
  60. The Stooge - Mickey Mouse & Roger Rabbit
  61. "American Dragon: Jake Long" - replace 88 and 89 with your own character
  62. Disney's Weekday Morning block 1997-1998
  63. Talkback - Gravity Falls - "Sock Opera" [9/08]
  64. Gravity falls cancelled? (RUMOR THREAD LOCKED)
  65. Who Performed The Disney Afternoon Themes?
  66. "The Story of 'Frozen' - Making A Disney Animated Classic" Talkback
  67. Talkback - Slugterra: Ghoul From Beyond and Return of the Elementals
  68. How many bands have you heard play themes from Disney-related TV programs?
  69. Discussion on Pirates of the Caribbean, if it's turned into an animated TV series
  70. Phineas and Ferb and Shaun of The Dead crossover?
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  72. September 2014 premieres on Disney Channel / Disney XD
  73. Toonzone Talkback: "The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad" (SPOILERS)
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  75. Toonzone Talkback: "Tarzan" Blu-ray Combo Pack (SPOILERS)
  76. Talkback - Gravity Falls - "The Golf War" [8/11]
  77. Disney XD Movie Predictions/Speculations
  78. Talkback - Gravity Falls - "Into the Bunker" [8/4]
  79. What Could Have Happened for "Shnookums and Meat"...
  80. Disney Channel Talkback-Gravity Falls "Scary-oke" [8/1]
  81. Need help identifying who Drew this piece of Disney of Animation History!
  82. Old International Fox Kids/Jetix Channels Memorial Thread
  83. Shorty McShorts' Shorts (8 - 7 Years Later) - Disney Channel's Forgotten Legendary Failure
  84. Playhouse Disney/Disney Junior Animated Originals
  85. Jhonen Vasquez's pilot Very Important House is coming to Disney XD
  86. Toonzone Talkback: "Planes: Fire and Rescue" (SPOILERS)
  87. August 2014 premieres on Disney Channel / Disney XD
  88. Haunted Mansion Animated Special in Development
  89. Is Disney on the rise, while Pixar on the decline?
  90. Disney Wage-Fixing Cartel?
  91. Disney's "The 7D" Series Talkback Thread (Spoilers)
  92. Pooh featurettes on TV
  93. Why dosent disney care about its cartoons?
  94. "Lava" is Pixar's Next Animated Short
  95. What is Disney's Youtube page with Gargoyles on it?
  96. U.S. Disney Channel Might Air Zagtoon's "Ladybug"
  97. Pixar's "Inside Out" Animated Feature Pre-Release Discussion (Spoilers)
  98. Disney XD Animation Block on Disney Channel
  99. July 2014 premieres on Disney Channel / Disney XD
  100. Wander Over Yonder - Disney XD June premieres dicussion
  101. From WSJ: "The Lion Guard" - A Lion King Spin-off Show for Disney Junior
  102. Your Top 10 Disney 2D Movies
  103. What will happen to the fg starwars specials (and other stuff) now that disney has bought lucasfilm?
  104. Cancelled Disney movies.
  105. June 2014 premieres on Disney Channel / Disney XD
  106. Kirby Buckets
  107. Disney XD Orders Animated Series ‘Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero’
  108. Should "toy story 4" be made?
  109. From Jezebel: Elsa is Disney Princess with Most Demand on Ebay; Belle Least
  110. If Disney were to bring in artists to design characters for original animated adventure series in the future?
  111. The Onion: Disney CEO Figures They've Built Up Enough Goodwill To Do A Real Sexist One
  112. May 2014 premieres on Disney Channel / Disney XD
  113. Would Frozen work as a TV series?
  114. Should Disney release House of Mouse on video?
  115. Disney's House of Mouse MUST be released on DVD!!!!!!!!!!!!! (and maybe Blu-Ray)
  116. Attention, Dish customers: Disney Junior has finally arrived!
  117. Crazy Connection by Chris Buck
  118. Wreck-it Ralph composer discusses potential sequel.
  119. Toonzone Talkback: "The Pirate Fairy" Charts a Course for Adventure
  120. April Fools 2014 thread mergy thing.
  121. A Disney princess from the future
  122. Muppet Babies character word association
  123. Disney Channel 2014 Worldwide Rebrand Talkback Thread
  124. Disney bought something again, and it's....um.....
  125. April 2014 premieres on Disney Channel / Disney XD
  126. Toonzone Talkback: Review: "The Jungle Book 2" Blu-ray
  127. Pixar to make "Incredibles 2"! (And Cars 3)
  128. Convince me to watch Gargoyles
  129. Vote in Toonzone's "Battle of the Brackets" Tournament: Battle of the American Action cartoons! New Battles Every Day!
  130. Disney Animation as Assistance for Autistic Child's Therapy
  131. No Disney Channels Upfront Presentation for 2014
  132. If Kick Buttowski Was Revived...
  133. Disney Film Eras: How Would You Break Them Down?
  134. Original "Kit Colby and the Rescue Rangers" Drawing Revealed
  135. Random Disney Television Animation Musings - Another New Blog!
  136. March 2014 premieres on Disney Channel / Disney XD
  137. Toon City Question (Replacements, Brandy & Mr. Whiskers, Teamo Supremo)
  138. "Frozen" Will Be Disney's First "Best Animated Feature" Oscar If It Wins
  139. Is Disney Moving "Gravity Falls" and "Wander Over Yonder" to Disney XD?
  140. Does Disney really know what to do with Disney XD?
  141. Disney Internet Show? (Disney's Web Presence)
  142. Phineas and Ferb has been quietly cancelled
  143. Toonzone Talkback: Review: The Jungle Book Blu-ray
  144. Which Disney princesses do you think were illiterate?
  145. The third golden age of Disney
  146. On a Sunny Disney Afternoon: A Disney TV Animation Book on Indiegogo
  147. Is Disney Channel's schedule the reason why DC is developing a ratings drain?
  148. Chip 'N' Dale Rescue Rangers CGI/live-action hybrid film in development
  149. Kim Possible joins Disney XD, coming Next Monday!
  150. Wander Over Yonder - "The Bounty" (1/24) [TALKBACK]
  151. February 2014 premieres on Disney Channel / Disney XD
  152. "Toy Story That Time Forgot"
  153. Star Wars / Pixar production rumored
  154. Goofy's design - Goof Troop vs a Goofy Movie
  155. Did Gravity Falls coming along affect Phineas and Ferb?
  156. Disney TV Ratings Discussion
  157. Wander Over Yonder - "The Ball" (1/10) [TALKBACK]
  158. Disney's Frozen to Be Released March 18
  159. The Switch From 2D to CGI: Do Movie-going Audiences REALLY Care?
  160. Disney Predictions for 2014
  161. Thoughts on Goof Troop?
  162. January 2014 premieres on Disney Channel / Disney XD
  163. Disney's Descendants, Upcoming Movie about Teenage Children of Disney's Villains
  164. Marc Buhaj Named Senior Vice President, Programming and General Manager, Disney XD
  165. Disney Junior to launch a Pinocchio TV series?
  166. DHX Media to acquire Family Channel, Disney Jr. and Disney XD Canada
  167. Toonzone Talkback: "Get a Horse!"
  168. Toonzone Talkback: "Frozen" (SPOILERS)
  169. Toonzone Talkback: Review: "Planes" Blu-ray: A Flight Worth Taking
  170. Disney Channel Adds Classics to Sunday Nights
  171. Diane Disney Miller (1933-2013)
  172. December 2013 premieres on Disney Channel / Disney XD
  173. Wander Over Yonder - "The Box" [TALKBACK] (11/15)
  174. What would you change about the Disney shows?
  175. Disney's Adventure Zone on Saturday mornings?
  176. Favorite Disney Horse
  177. Disney XD pulls Saturday animated premieres
  178. If Disney were to acquire Ruby-Spears' Roxie's Raiders and it goes into production, how will it be crafted?
  179. Kim Possible Villains or American Dragon: Jake Long Villains?
  180. Why No Pirates of the Caribbean the animated series?
  181. Toonzone Talkback - Review: "Monsters U" Blu-ray
  182. Disney XD Talkback: Packages from Planet X "Return to Sender" (11/2)
  183. Disney XD Talkback: Camp Lakebottom "Ants in My Camp/Fanboy Freakout" (11/2)
  184. [TALKBACK] Wander Over Yonder - "The Troll" (11/1)
  185. Who Wants to See Monkey Island the Animated Movie?
  186. how long does disney movies stay in the disney vault?
  187. Interesting stories that involve both Disney and Ruby-Spears
  188. Star Wars Animations
  189. From The Licensing Letter: Disney Now has Majority of $100M+ Licensed Merchandise Sales, and The Avengers Earns $201M in 2012
  190. [TALKBACK] Wander Over Yonder - "The Bad Guy" (10/18)
  191. November 2013 premieres on Disney Channel / Disney XD
  192. The Tinker Bell series has reached its end ?
  193. Phineas and Ferb meet The Muppets
  194. Fish Hooks is ending.
  195. Toonzone Talkback: "Toy Story of Terror" (Spoilers)
  196. Cars 3 is coming.
  197. Pixar Canada Closes
  198. Get a Horse! (2013) Pre-Release Discussion Talkback
  199. Shnookums & Meat episode guide
  200. Wander Over Yonder - "The Pet" (10/4) [Talkback]
  201. Toonzone Talkback: Review: The Little Mermaid Diamond Edition
  202. Wander Over Yonder - "The Good Deed" Talkback
  203. Cars got a VHS Tape in 2007?
  204. Disney/Pixar's Best and Worst
  205. Is this the end of Phineas and Ferb?
  206. October 2013 premieres on Disney Channel / Disney XD
  207. Wander Over Yonder - "The Fugitives" {9/20}
  208. Disney's Adventures Of The Gummi Bears (Revised)
  209. No Pixar films in 2014.
  210. Disney DTV Animation Quality
  211. The Little Mermaid Returns To Disney Junior Canada
  212. Wander Over Yonder - "The Greatest/The Egg" Talkback (9/13)
  213. New Gravity Falls Shorts in October
  214. Will there be a finding nemo 2
  215. Princess Leia joins the Disney Princesses
  216. Toonzone Talkback - Review: Robin Hood Blu-ray: A Slight But Enjoyable Effort
  217. September 2013 premieres on Disney Channel / Disney XD
  218. Disney Channel should come to Canada !
  219. Is the classic Disney cast still relevant today?
  220. Phineas and Ferb movie on hold?
  221. toonzone Talkback - Whimsical Wizardy and Fun Reign in “The Sword in the Stone”
  222. Phineas and Ferb - "Mission Marvel" (8/16) Talkback
  223. Wander Over Yonder - "The Picnic" (8/16) Talkback
  224. Disney/Pixar Talkback Thread Collection
  225. "Planes" Talkback (Spoilers)
  226. Phineas and Ferb = Klasky Csupo?
  227. About Perry the Platypus...
  228. Disney announces new animated feature, Zootopia
  229. Should there be an educational series featuring Timon & Pumbaa on Disney Junior?
  230. If you could create your own ABC Saturday morning block...
  231. D23 Expo 2013 News & Discussion Thread
  232. New Disney Junior lineup starting September 4
  233. "The Jungle Book", "Sleeping Beauty" Diamond Editions Coming In 2014
  234. Exactly why did Pixar/Disney make "Cars 2"?
  235. Gravity Falls: Theories on the Mysterious Author of the Books
  236. Gravity Falls - "Gideon Rises" - Talkback [8/2/13]
  237. They should make a Marvel / Star Wars crossover
  238. "Phineas & Ferb/Star Wars" Crossover Announced
  239. Should Disney Channel have a Lineup Specifically for Animation?
  240. August 2013 premieres on Disney Channel / Disney XD
  241. "Shnookums & Meat": Underrated?
  242. Gravity Falls - "Dreamscaperers" - Talkback [7/12/13]
  243. Discussion of Disney and work-for-hire
  244. Pixar to scale back on sequels.
  245. Phineas & Ferb - "Musical Cliptastic Countdown Hosted By Kelly Osbourne" Talkback [6/28/13]
  246. Gravity Falls - "Land Before Swine" Talkback - [6/28/13]
  247. Darkwing Duck is coming to Disney XD this September.
  248. Disney's Bonkers Volume 1 DVD July 30
  249. "Gargoyles: Season Two, Volume Two" DVD Talkback (Spoilers)
  250. Toonzone Talkback - Review: The Emperor's New Groove Blu-ray