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    Late, but I got recaps for both In Harm's Way and The Metal Clan. I liked the latter more than the former, but both are excellent. I'm just glad that Lin got a character arc that goes beyond her bitter relationship with Tenzin. You know she's taking it bad when Korra of all people criticizes her attitude for it, though it's clear there is a justification for Lin's behavior and I'm glad the episode is sympathetic to her despite her nasty retorts.

    Also Varrick! Varrick's back! He's back, he's back, he's back! And he's still funny and slimy and charming and oh my god, I love Varrick!
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    Those were pretty good write-ups. I really prefer using former Earth Kingdom prisoners to start rebuilding the Air Nation since expecting people to just drop everything and leave their family and friends really bothered me before. I wouldn't expect them to not try finding more Airbenders to teach and all, but the way they were going about it was pretty bad, especially when they were shocked with how no one wanted to come along with them for the longest time. At least they did offer to relocate the Airbenders if they didn't want to come and in this case, they wouldn't be able to go home due to the Earth Queen. Tenzin's reaction to seeing everyone agree to follow him was really nice though.

    I'm still not a fan of Kai, although I might be close to tolerating him after the last episode, or any of the romances. Bolin and Opal's attraction to each other feels very sudden too. So did Jinora's crush on Kai, but at least I could kind of see that as the result of Jinora possibly being around a boy her age for the first time. At least neither relationship has a lot of drama or a triangle showing up, so I guess that could be considered an improvement. I still would have preferred no romance at all, but so far, it hasn't bothered me nearly as much as the romance from the last two seasons.

    Lin's storyline here is much more interesting and I agree that the details we learn about it here does fit in with Toph's personality. She wouldn't be the kind of person who would settle down with a traditional family and given her upbringing, she would give her children more freedom. Wanting her attention does give the impression that she was more distant with them, but perhaps it ties into how much freedom they had. Suyin wanting a more stable family kind of implies that they weren't particularly close as mother and daughter when she was young. I do hope that we'll see Toph again. That would be so cool.

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