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    Quote Originally Posted by SF4Ever View Post
    Two of those would have to get clearances from DreamWorks Animation, because it was under Classic Media's jurisdiction, namely both Casper and Richie Rich- everything else should be good to go under Warner Archive Collection.
    I don't believe it's a matter of characters for those series - Warners can pretty much put out any show they own, I mean Namco didn't stop Warners from putting out Pac-Man, and Hasbro didn't stop Boomerang from airing Pound Puppies. It may be possible the characters were cleared, although I find it hard to find they'd go through trouble in order to produce a DVD release or air something on TV.
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    What about all the other Hanna-Barbera and Ruby-Spears Titles like

    The Ruff & Reddy Show (Hanna-Barbera/NBC-TV 1957-1960)
    The Quick Draw McGraw Show (Hanna-Barbera/Syn/CBS-TV 1959-1962)
    Wally Gator (Hanna-Barbera/Syn 1962-1963)
    The Peter Potamus Show (Hanna-Barbera/Syn/ABC-TV 1964-1965)
    The Atom Ant Show (Hanna-Barbera/NBC-TV 1965-1967)
    The Secret Squirrel Show (Hanna-Barbera/NBC-TV 1965-1967)
    The Flintstone Comedy Hour (Hanna-Barbera/CBS-TV 1972-1973)
    The New Shmoo (Hanna-Barbera/NBC-TV 1979)
    The Flintstone Comedy Show (Hanna-Barbera/NBC-TV 1980-1982)
    The Kwicky Koala Show (Hanna-Barbera/CBS-TV 1981-1982)
    Trollkins (Hanna-Barbera/CBS-TV 1981-1982)
    Heathcliff & Marmaduke (Ruby-Spears/ABC-TV 1981-1982)
    Goldie Gold and Action Jack (Ruby-Spears/ABC-TV 1981-1982)
    Shirt Tales (Hanna-Barbera/NBC-TV 1982-1984)
    The Scooby and Scrappy-Doo/Puppy Hour (Hanna-Barbera/Ruby-Spears/ABC-TV 1982-1983)
    The Biskitts (Hanna-Barbera/CBS-TV 1983-1984)
    Rubik, the Amazing Cube (Ruby-Spears/ABC-TV 1983-1984)
    The Puppy's Further Adventures (Ruby-Spears/ABC-TV 1983-1984)

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    Some WBA news: in the past few weeks, a couple more H-B releases became available. The first one consists of the first half of the Challenge of the Go-Bots TV series. The other release feature the final ten episodes of the 1980's Jetsons revival.
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    Prepare for more PowerXtreme in the coming months...

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    The Centurions, huh? Got a source for that?...
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    It would be really great if WB and Turner were to do a complete series DVD collection for Richie Rich, Scooby-Doo and Scrappy-Doo, The New Scooby-Doo Mysteries, and Yogi's Treasure Hunt.

    A complete series DVD collection for the Scooby-Doo! remakes of the 80's sounds better than just putting them in the 13 Spooky Tales series all the time.

    All those in favor of wanting these shows to make it to DVD, say "Aye".

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