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    If Disney were to finally retrieve some of Jack Kirby's old artwork for development into an animated series and contract Ruby-Spears to handle it, this should be the first program idea that R-S should start with:

    10 Amazing Jack Kirby Designs That Need To Happen - ComicsAlliance | Comic book culture, news, humor, commentary, and reviews

    I'm talking about the first design for Roxie's Raiders, which could not only signal Ruby-Spears' comeback as an animation studio, but could be one of at least two serial animated adventure series that could fit into Disney Channel's Toonin' Saturdays programming block. BTW, Disney owns the artwork and Joe Ruby and Ken Spears were(and possibly, still are) the intended producers. Yes, Ruby and Spears have been working as consultants on Cartoon Network's Scooby-Doo Mystery Inc., but this would be one opportunity for the sake of Jack Kirby's family for Disney to mend fences with Ruby-Spears and to get this program off the ground, because it's been sitting around for years now, waiting to finally be animated. This could also make Disney a major player in the action animation genre, which can and should happen, given the current success of the genre. BTW, I did watch an animated adventure movie on Disney Channel, called Mulan, which is a real good movie and is animated, almost like the old Cartoon Network series, Samurai Jack, which premiered, two years later. Yes, after watching that movie, animated adventure does have a place on Disney Channel- it's just a matter of giving it a chance. Speaking of which, these guys have already given Cartoon Network a shot in the arm, as far as developing original action animation, and they can still do the same thing for Disney Channel, too- here's the link to their studio website:


    Imagine if the animated Indiana Jones were co-produced by these guys, along with Amblin Entertainment and Lucasfilm Animation? It can happen.
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