Despite how 4Kids has handled their block and their shows, I never seriously disliked them. I liked how they tried to reach out to others online for feedback and they were at least trying to make Saturday mornings work for them. When all is said and done, I do respect them for their work on Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh! and the TMNT 2k3 series. I'm a huge fan of both Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh! series and the 2k3 series was just a great show that showed a lot of effort was put into it. There were other shows that I liked, such as their dub of Winx Club, more as a gulity pleasure though and Viva Pinata. Even Chaotic was becoming more of a decent show in its last couple of seasons. While I still think that the questionable/bad decisions led to them losing so much, I also still feel quite bad for the company and hope that the people who work there will be okay. I have enjoyed participating in these talkback threads as this is probably the only place I've seen online where people can talk about 4Kids is a calm manner. The last few talkbacks have been quite a ride given what has happened to 4Kids financially and legally, but they've still been a great source of discussion.

And with that, the last of the 4Kids talkbacks is closed. D Dubbs has already started up the new discussion for the Vortexx block, so please take all future discussion to that thread. Thank you.