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    I was suprised of his animation roots, since i only knew him for the Match Game.

    I was actually really suprised when i read this because

    a) I thoguht he was 20 years older


    b) I thoguht he died a long time ago

    Nevertheless, rip Mr. Rielly

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    Quote Originally Posted by Howard Fein View Post
    The Frankenstones had an unusual lineage. They were first seen in a couple of prime-time FLINTSTONE specials on NBC in fall 1980 that were (a) filler for lack of original shows during an actors' strike; and/or (b) a possible new FLINTSTONES half-hour series for prime-time. NBC had launched a new Flintstone series, THE NEW FRED & BARNEY SHOW in Spring 1979, that must've been successful enough to encourage new material.

    In the prime-time specials, Frank was voiced by John Stephenson in his familiar Boris Karloff imitation. But when THE FLINTSTONE COMEDY SHOW premiered on NBC's Saturday AM schedule (also possibly delayed by the strike?), Charles Nelson Reilly took over Frank's voice. At the time I figured the writers and producers were trying to inject a touch of irony by giving such a hulking character such a mincing voice. The off-beat aspect of the Frankenstones was further perpetuated by the presence Paul Reubens, the future Pee-Wee Herman, as son Freaky. AFAIK, this was Reubens' only cartoon voice. It's readily recognizable, even without Pee-Wee's trademark chortle.

    It also seemed that John Stephenson's appearances in H-B cartoons curtailed sharply in the 1980s after his contributing to virtually every show made in the seventies. Whether it was a contract situation, an increased budget allowing for larger voice casts, or any other reason, he wasn't heard nearly as much. True, he continued to perform as Mr. Slate, Doggie Daddy and KWIKKY KOALA foil Wilford Wolf- and was a vital part of TMS' GALAXY HIGH and BIONIC SIX later in the decade. But a true measure of his diminished H-B presence was his barely, if ever being heard in the five remaining original seasons of the SCOOBY-DOO franchise.

    Funny how throughout the history of THE FLINTSTONES, various writers were always trying to move monsters next door to them. The Gruesomes, the Frankenstones- it never stopped.

    Oh and RIP, Mr. Reilly. For those who remember, your Uncle Croc was a true Saturday AM original.

    There indeed were two versions of not just Frank, but the entire family. The wife in the first version was named Oblivia, but then changed to Hidea. Both versions of the character looked the same though. The kids however, changed significantly. The daughter was originally named Hidea in the prime time shows, and was a teenager. In The Fred & Barney Show, the name changed to Atrocia and had an annoying cackle. The character changed again in the Flintstones Frolics series as here she was a young kid close in age to Wednesday Addams. She also had powers of witchcraft that could occasionally cause trouble, particularly in one episode where she made a clone of Fred to her father's annoyance. Frank's son Freaky was first seen as a pint-sized version of Frankenstone, but again in the Frolics series, he became the teenage son who seemed to be the male version of Marilyn Munster.

    And indeed on topic, R.I.P. Mr. Reilly. Other than the above-mentioned shows he voiced, I do remember he did the voice of the judge at a pet show in The Addams Family (1992-93) short "Pet Show Thing".

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    Very sad news, Charles Nelson Reilly was an awesome magnificent actor/voice actor who did a magnificent job as Hoodoo the evil magician, Uncle Croc, Frank Frankenstone, Killer(All Dogs Go To Heaven/The Series), Hunch(Rock-a-Doodle), Llort(A Troll in Central Park), Jules the Parrot(the 1993 Pink Panther series), Mr. Toad, and the Dirty Bubble who were all my favorite entertaining characters which he had an awesome funny voice as well with that funny laugh.

    Rest In Peace Charles Nelson Reilly, you'll be forever missed.

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    @Radical You do realize that this thread is from 2007, right?
    Hahahahahahaha, wahohohohohohohohohohohoho....hahahahaha..ha........

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