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    Survivor: Immunity Challenge 5!

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    Welcome all, to your next immunity challenge!

    Dharma, take a look at the new Oceanic tribe... HeatXZ voted out at the last tribal council.

    Dax, I need to take back the immunity idols... I'm sure it felt good to have them again.

    But now immunity is once again up for grabs! This week, it's letter equations. Below you will find a list of 100 common phrases, sayings, items all containing numbers. In these statements you will just see the number equals the first letter of each major word.

    For example... 1 = E. on a C. is 1 = EYES on a CYCLOPS

    That's the first one in the challenge. Now, you just need to figure out the remaining 99. As always, you have until 11:59pm Wednesday evening to submit to me your answers. As always, First Submission is all that gets counted, additional submissions are thrown into the fire like fresh kindling.

    The first tribe to complete the challenge, or the tribe with the most correct at the end of the time period will win immunity, and get to stay in our game for another week.

    Survivors Ready?!

    1.1 = E. on a C.
    Answer >>> Eye on a Cyclops
    2.1 = G. L. for M.
    Answer >>> Giant Leap for Mankind
    3.1 = S. C. in D. P.
    Answer >>> Single Calorie in Diet Pepsi
    4.1 = S. S.
    Answer >>> Singular Sensation
    5.1 = S. S. for a M.
    Answer >>> Small Step for a Man
    6.1 = if by L.
    Answer >>> if by Land
    7.1 = the L. N.
    Answer >>> the Loneliest Number
    8.2 = C. B. as B. as O.
    Answer >>> Can Be as Bad as One
    9.2 = C. in the T. by C. D.
    Answer >>> Cities in the Tale by Charles Dickens
    10.2 = H. of C.
    Answer >>> Houses of Congress
    11.2 = N. in a D.
    Answer >>> Nickels in a Dime
    12.2 = O. in a D. P.
    Answer >>> Outs in a Double Play
    13.2 = P. in a B.
    Answer >>> Pieces in a Bikini
    14.2 = P. in a P.
    Answer >>> Peas in a Pod
    15.2 = W. S. in C.
    Answer >>> Wicked Stepsisters in Cinderella
    16.2 = if by S.
    Answer >>> if by Sea
    17.3 = B. M. S. H. T. R.
    Answer >>>Blind Mice, See How They Run!
    18.3 = B. in G.
    Answer >>> Bears in Goldilocks
    19.3 = B. in L. of the R.
    Answer >>> Books in Lord of the Rings
    20.3 = B. in the H. E.
    Answer >>> Bones in the Human Ear
    21.3 = B. of the U. S. G.
    Answer >>> Branches of the United States Government
    22.3 = F. in a Y.
    Answer >>> Feet in a Yard
    23.3 = L. P.
    Answer >>> Little Pigs
    24.3 = M. and a B.
    Answer >>> Men and a Baby
    25.3 = O. K. C.'s F.
    Answer >>> Old King Cole's Fiddlers
    26.3 = R. in a C.
    Answer >>> Rings in a Circus
    27.3 = S. in a T.
    Answer >>> Sides in a Triangle
    28.3 = W. on a T.
    Answer >>> Wheels on a Tricycle
    29.4 = B. in a W.
    Answer >>> Balls in a Walk
    30.4 = C. in the H. H.
    Answer >>> Chambers in the Human Heart
    31.4 = H. of the A.
    Answer >>> Horsemen of the Apocalypse
    32.4 = Q. in a F. G.
    Answer >>> Quarters in a Football Game
    33.4 = Q. in a G.
    Answer >>> Quarts in a Gallon
    34.4 = S's in M.
    Answer >>> S's in Mississippi
    35.4 = S. in a D. of C.
    Answer >>> Suits in a Deck of Cards
    36.4 = S. in a Y.
    Answer >>> Seasons in a Year
    37.5 = D. in a Z. C.
    Answer >>> Digits in a Zip Code
    38.5 = F. on a H.
    Answer >>> Fingers on a Hand
    39.5 = G. L.
    Answer >>> Great Lakes
    40.5 = M. in a C. R.
    Answer >>> Miles in a Camptown Racetrack
    41.5 = P. in a N.
    Answer >>> Pennies in a Nickel
    42.5 = S. in a P.
    Answer >>> Sides in a Pentagon
    43.5 = S. in the S. C.
    Answer >>> Stars in the Southern Cross
    44.5 = T. on a F.
    Answer >>> Toes on a Foot
    45.5 = V. O. in the H. B.
    Answer >>> Vital Organs in the Human Body
    46.6 = P. in a P. T.
    Answer >>> Pockets in a Pool Table
    47.6 = T. Z. in the U. S.
    Answer >>> Time Zones in the United States
    48.6 = of O. and a H. D. of the O.
    Answer >>> of One and a Half Dozen of the Other
    49.7 = P. of W.
    Answer >>> Pillars of Wisdom
    50.7 = D. in S. W.
    Answer >>> Dwarfs in Snow White
    51.7 = H. of R.
    Answer >>> Hills of Rome
    52.7 = K. of F. in H. P.
    Answer >>> Kinds of Fruit in Hawaiian Punch
    53.7 = P. of E.
    Answer >>> Plagues of Egypt
    54.7 = S. of S. the S.
    Answer >>> Seas of Sinbad the Sailor
    55.7 = W. of the A. W.
    Answer >>> Wonders of the Ancient World
    56.8 = L. on a S.
    Answer >>> Legs on a Spider
    57.8 = S. on a S. S.
    Answer >>> Sides on a Stop Sign
    58.8 = S.'s R.
    Answer >>> Santa's Reindeer
    59.9 = I. in a B. G.
    Answer >>> Innings in a Baseball Game
    60.9 = J. on the U. S. S. C.
    Answer >>> Justices on the United States Supreme Court
    61.9 = L. of a C.
    Answer >>> Lives of a Cat
    62.9 = P. in the S. S.
    Answer >>> Planets in the Solar System
    63.10 = A. in the B. of R.
    Answer >>> Amendments in the Bill of Rights
    64.10 = C. G. to M.
    Answer >>> Commandments Given to Moses
    65.10 = F. in B.
    Answer >>> Frames in Bowling
    66.10 = Y. in a D.
    Answer >>> Years in a Decade
    67.12 = D. of C.
    Answer >>> Days of Christmas
    68.12 = S. of the Z.
    Answer >>> Signs of the Zodiac
    69.13 = a B.'s D.
    Answer >>> a Baker's Dozen
    70.13 = O. C.
    Answer >>> Original Colonies
    71.13 = S. on the A. F.
    Answer >>> Stripes on the American flag
    72.14 = D. in a F.
    Answer >>> Days in a Fortnight
    73.15 = M. on a D. M.'s C.
    Answer >>> Men on a Dead Man's Chest
    74.16 = O. in a P.
    Answer >>> Ounces in a Pound
    75.18 = H. on a G. C.
    Answer >>> Holes on a Golf Course
    76.24 = B. B. in a P.
    Answer >>> Black Birds Baked in a Pie
    77.24 = H. in a D.
    Answer >>> Hours in a Day
    78.26 = L. of the A.
    Answer >>> Letters of the Alphabet
    79.28 = D. in F.
    Answer >>> Days in February
    80.36 = I. on a Y. S.
    Answer >>> Inches on a Yard Stick
    81.40 = D. and N. of the G. F.
    Answer >>> Days and Nights of the Great Flood
    82.50 = S. in the U.
    Answer >>> States in the Union
    83.50 = W. to L. Y. L.
    Answer >>> Ways to Leave Your Lover
    84.52 = W. in a Y.
    Answer >>> Weeks in a Year
    85.52 = C. in a D.
    Answer >>> Cards in a Deck
    86.57 = H. V.
    Answer >>> Heinz Varieties
    87.80 = D. to G. A. the W.
    Answer >>> Days to Go Around the World
    88.88 = P. K.
    Answer >>> Piano Keys
    89.90 = D. in a R. A.
    Answer >>> Degrees in a Right Angle
    90.99 = B. of B. on a W.
    Answer >>> Bottles of Beer on a Wall
    91.100 = Y. in a F. F.
    Answer >>> Yards in a Football Field
    92.101 = D.
    Answer >>> Dalmatians
    93.116 = Y. in the H. Y.'s W.
    Answer >>> Years in the Hundred Year's War
    94.200 = D. for P. G. in M.
    Answer >>> Dollars for Passing Go in Monopoly
    95.206 = B. in the H. B.
    Answer >>> Bones in the Human Body
    96.365 = D. in a Y.
    Answer >>> Days in a Year
    97.451 = D. F. at which B. B.
    Answer >>> Degrees Fahrenheit at which Books Burn
    98.1000 = W. that a P. is W.
    Answer >>> Words that a Picture is Worth
    99.1001 = A. N.
    Answer >>> Arabian Nights
    100.20000 = L. U. the S.
    Answer >>> Leagues Under the Sea

    Don't you people understand!?!

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    And time is up!

    Both teams did very well on the challenge, and once again it came down to time. This time, the team the was the quickest and correctest was...

    Dharma!! Congratulations Dharma! You have once again won tribal immunity!!

    Also, the winner of the Individual Immunity Challenge has been contacted! Both challenges are now over!

    Oceanic tribe, we have a date at tribal council. I'll see you then!

    Don't you people understand!?!


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