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    When are you going to do the 20th Anniversary "Animaniacs: The Full Experience"?

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    Peter, do you know when you're going to do the "Animaniacs: Full Experience"? It doesn't HAVE to be around September 13th, because the Animaniacs are on Hub, so make it last (if you can).

    So when are you going to show an original first-run Fox Kids airing on your site?

    Things I would like to see:
    The FOX bug
    The theme song (I really like to see the closed-captioning bug during the lyric "....And we're zany to the max.....")
    anything in the episode's content that's different from the DVD
    Fox Kids bumpers
    Original commercials
    End credits with an announcer (especially for those who are seeing it new on the Hub)

    So when are you doing a full experience for "Animaniacs" to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Animaniacs?

    Please let us know.

    Sorry if I'm been begging, but some of us have taped worthless reruns on the WB!

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    anything in the episode's content that's different from the DVD
    Other than two missing title cards and a missing chase clip, there isn't much. By that, I mean that they aren't on the DVDs.
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