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    "World's Greatest Taz Moments" Talkback

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    World's Greatest Taz Moments

    For a while now I've wanted to list my reasons why I like Taz-Mania so much. The eve of the DVD release sounds like the perfect time. Enjoy, and feel free to complain about the lack of "Of Bushrats and Hugh."
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    None of those ring any bells, but truthfully I didn't watch as much Taz-Mania as I did Tiny Toons.

    This seems like a good of place to ask as any: Wasn't there an episode where Taz's dad toured an OJ factory? Or am I remembering wrong?

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    The only Tazmania moment I remember is the Platypus Bros. making thinly veiled references to the Simpsons couch gags.
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    Taz was a show I watched everyday and enjoyed but I can't remember much besides the characters themselves. Blah blah blah yakkity smackity fit itself into my everyday vocabulary though.
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