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    Like This Thread!
    I like reading this thread and part 3 because of the riffing. I hope to see your issues, Calvin.
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    The first issues that will be scanned:
    ‚€‹‚€‹April 2005‚€‹‚€‹: Secrets within the new Incredibles DVD... Kim Possible's Movie... 23 Pages of comics... 88 JOKES (We're doomed.)

    ‚€‹‚€‹December 1999‚€‹‚€‹: The Toy Story 2 issue, with toys being detailed rather clearly and redundantly.

    ‚€‹‚€‹June/July 2003‚€‹‚€‹: The Finding Nemo issue, insult to fatties included!

    ‚€‹‚€‹July 1997‚€‹‚€‹: The Hercules issue... And boy is it ever. The amount of Hercules related stuff in this is equal to Jetix on Toon Disney.

    ‚€‹‚€‹May 1993‚€‹‚€‹: It covers the worst thing to ever happen to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles name... and it's NOT Turtle Tunes, The Turtles Christmas special, or the concerts.

    I'll get to uploading soon.

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    JB Warner already shared the June/July 2003 issue:
    The Disney Adventures Archive, Part 2

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dsneybuf View Post
    JB Warner already shared the June/July 2003 issue:
    The Disney Adventures Archive, Part 2
    I just found this quote of his in there, from 2009:
    Jeez, Miley, quit doing that thing with your tongue, it's creepin' me out. (I remember she was on Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve in 2007 and she kept doing it like every five seconds.)
    Enough about how they're the same, let's talk about how they're different. For one thing, Miley is being raised in a decent family environment, and thus, she hasn't gone out and Lindsayed herself up, which I have to give her credit for. As for Ashley Tisdale? She already got a nose job. Does plastic surgery ever lead to a commendable career path?
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    Does anyone have any 1990-92 issues to post?

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    My collection is 1998 onward with a few scattered issues before then. I don't remember reading it before 1997 anyway, so it's where my nostalgia is. Sorry I've let this thread gather dust for so long, but I lost motivation and then got caught up in moving.
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    regarding the october 1997 issue Does anyone know or remember what they said about the game show "Click" in the section where they previewed the fall tv season? i know it was mentioned because i had that issue and i remember making a mental note to watch the show. ( I'm ready to bet that those of you who don't remember it or didn't watch it would be VERY surprised if you found out who hosted it.)
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