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    I learned that the Riverdale High comic Peter shared the cover of in his article about weird Archie comics underwent a re-release a few years ago, with a whole new cover.
    I actually vaguely remember reading a reprint of it in one of the first Archie digests we ever bought.

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    I learned today that the BBC made a show named Clarence in 1988, unrelated to the Clarence on Cartoon Network. This show was about Clarence Sale, a myopic removal man who cleans the house of an upper-class woman that was going abroad. He meets her maid, Jane Travers. The show was set in 1937 and six episodes were made.

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    I learned Polybius was originally in the opening time lapse sequence from Wreck-It Ralph. It was in the trailer.

    Maybe it's still there, I don't know. I've never looked at it one frame at a time. But Polybius disappearing would be totally in character for it.
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    Why is the word "Space" in "Space Invaders" in the last post blurred?
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