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    Man, I hope someone puts this Jeopardy clip on YouTube

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    It's on in the other room. There was just now a category where the answer was song lyrics and the contestants had to guess what song they were from. Imagine Alex Trebek saying these things, in his usual flat intonation:

    "Under my umbrella. Ella. Ella. Eh. Eh. Eh."

    "I'm bringing sexy back. Because all you other boys don't know how to act. Get your sexy on."

    We need these sound clips spread across the Internet! I hope someone got them.
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    I saw that! It was hysterical! (And playing along at home, I got every one of 'em right.)

    That was the same episode with the "Movie Taglines" category. I was disappointed that apparently none of the contestants had seen Ed Wood.
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