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    After one day passed without you going back and coloring the page in, I got the feeling it referenced a manga, but I don't read enough to know which one.

    Like I said, the other Tropers who like your comics very, very rarely help me update the articles. Either no one got it, or someone did get it, but didn't take note of it for reasons I can't figure out. (I intentionally put off adding entries for "Bottle Episode" and "Everything's Better With Sparkles" to see if one of them would at least add one of those. No dice. )
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    First of all, let me just say your Scott Pilgrim shout-out is hysterical.

    Second, as a fellow writer/character-creator, I truly do appreciate stories like this, where everyone's personalities are just banging off each other nonstop. The laughs always come fastest and funniest from these sorts of stories. Bravo and well done!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Peter Paltridge View Post
    Wow.....A scene from this story just went up as the illustration for Meet Cute. I have to say I'm really flattered to see this happen. And it works!

    Also....really? Nobody here got this reference?
    I got it. Very clever.

    Just as cool in the game. Not as cool as the "Kiss Kim Pine" attack, but what the hell is?

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    I'm very humble, too.

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