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    Like This Thread!
    I've heard of that Cardcaptor Sakura GameBoy Color even before you posted it. Speaking of anime-themed video game consoles, they also made a 3DS LL case with HeartThrob!/DokiDoki! Pretty Cure on it for the launch of "HeartThrob! Pretty Cure: Life of Pretending (DokiDoki! Purikyua: Narikiri Life). It's not an anime-themed console, but still...
    Quote Originally Posted by TenPoundHammer View Post
    The Super Mario Bros. 3 snacks remind me of this article from X-Entertainment. I believe that's not the only time he ate fruit snacks which were old enough to drink legally.
    I've read that article before, since I'm a big Garfield and Friends fan. This had to be my favorite part of the article.
    Ol' U.S. Acres got no love from the licensing blitz, despite the many times I stood in front of Jim Davis' house shouting "WADE DUCK IS THE BEST THING YOU'VE EVER CREATED AND DON'T EVER FORGET THAT." Perhaps my delivery was off.
    I agree with him. Who couldn't love love a duck wearing a kiddie pool float that copies his motions, has a British accent, overreacts when he rips the tag off couches because it's "against the law" and then sings about following the rules soon afterward, vomits during imaginary sea voyages, closes up to your screen to warn you about bunnies, and is afraid of everything?
    Back on topic:
    -The set of bootleg GameBoys looked like Tiger Electronics handheld games from the 90's than what they were supposed to be. Imagine how dissapointed a 90s' kid who received that instead of a GameBoy for Christmas could have been!
    -That real-life Mario Kart looks awesome! I would like to see someone make more real-life Mario Karts someday. Maybe Nintendo could make coin-operated ride-on Mario Karts that would appear in shopping malls or other such places, or even a real-life Mario Kart speedway attraction at an amusement park that could use carts like the one in that eBay auction you showed us.
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    This time, my favorite part was that Game Kid/Game Child thing. Stuart Ashens has made a movie about a quest for one of those things and recently reviewed them.

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    While I was working at Goodwill last summer, someone donated one of those Little Mac gloves. It was easily one of the best items we got in.

    I still wish I had bought it, though the $100 we were charging was a bit too rich for my minimum wage wallet.
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    Things you can't ever have

    Hard to believe it's been nearly a year since the last one....
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    You should get that EBTV DVD. Maybe there'll be lots of stupid stuff on there.

    Did you know there was actually an Windows 98 (unlicensed) game for the NES (most likely Famicom, because there's Chinese text)

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