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    Congratulations, you made it through an entire article on Chuck E. Cheese's without once making a Five Nights at Freddy's reference.
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    A few weeks ago I saw a bit of that ''12 Wishes of Christmas'' thing on WLNY. I saw the ice skating scene, and a little bit of what happened before it. They couldn't afford ''Sleigh Bells''? Really?

    I didn't watch much. There was a half-hour left anyway.

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    Hey Peter, I know its too late for this year, but someone's uploaded "Jingle Bell Rock", if you want to update that with an actual review:

    Jingle Bell Rock - Video Dailymotion

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    The Cinnamon Bear
    It's not what you usually cover. I just discovered this special that was supposed to run between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I haven't gotten through it yet but better mention it before I forget. If you can bear how precious it is you just may find it quite magical, indeed.

    You had a great crop of specials this year.
    The Siskel and Ebert gift guide is the one I remember most because of that video they made with that camera creeped me out. Also because I always watched Siskel and Ebert back then. The camera looked like a great gift, until they mentioned the price.
    And it pinpoints where "A Christmas Story" became a classic.

    Gift guides would be an interesting thing to keep including. Most of the things in the S&E guide normal people could and would buy. They became a popular thing to do and they kept outdoing each other because the stock market was out of control and there was an internet bubble that had everyone thinking they were millionaires until gift guides reach their pinnacle in 2000 on the Today Show where the gift suggestions were things like once in a lifetime vacations around the world. Even the hosts questioned it but the guest justified it by saying why not give someone something they will never forget instead of a bunch of junk? Besides, you can save if you book the flight early.

    Then things took a turn so by 2002 the guides practically became canned goods, shotgun shells and rebar to reinforce your bunker.

    A hat and matching shoes made of luncheon meat?! Believe it or not this and many other wonders await us in the world of the future, unless we take action now.
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