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If this is truly the last episode of FOP, then I'm genuinely satisfied.
There are still three episodes left, technically four. Two 11 minute episodes, and two 30 minute episodes. The last episode in the production order has not aired. All I know is that we have a titlecard for an episode titled "Fairly Old Poof" with an elderly Poof (still ball shaped and very similar to his original design) on the Wiki and it has not aired yet, so its one of those unaired episodes, hopefully not the 30 minuters because I can't stand for another 30 minute Spellementary School episode. Well, actually, I'm not sure I'm going to watch any of those remaining episodes when they air anyway.

I saw some glimpses of that upcoming Act Your Age episode of Phineas and Ferb and they blow any future character scene that Hartman has given us in this cartoon straight out of the water. This is why you can't be indecisive and make a bunch of stupid continuities that go nowhere, a bunch of dumb Missy love interests that serve no purpose, killing characters and making them fairies for who knows why, and all the other stupid lazy mistakes and plots that Hartman did. The P&F creators had at least some idea where they were going with developing their characters and once again a rival network's cartoon has ran circles around this hippopotamus. I don't think we can just blame status quo or the formula when a show that overuses it just as much is able to deliver much better by simply believing in itself and its characters a little bit.