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    I think it is very possible that Suyin, in putting so much trust into one person, felt like Aiwei's betrayal of the city was also HER betrayal of the city. I still don't understand why they would only have one truth seer though. How would you verify information if only one person has control over the verification? Who helped Aiwei frame that guard?

    When Suyin told Korra's group to go off on their own it made Suyin look suspicious again. Korra's group doesn't stand a chance and they are practically delivering the Avatar to Zaheer. I am excited to see how this proceeds.

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    Great action scenes this episode, really great choreography. Combustion Lady, has much greater control over her attacks, than Combustion Man, as she can change the direction of her attack, while he could only shoot in a straight line.

    And WOW we got to see Asami in her nightwear, Mako you're an idiot for walking away from that.

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    My recap for this episode is up.

    Lovely battle scene between Team Avatar and Zaheer's group; I love it when they mix all four major bendings in one go. I'm glad they made it a point to show off Bolin's Earthbending, that despite his lack of Metalbending prowess, he doesn't contribute any less than his friends. He is essential to the Red Lotus' temporarily downfall and I thought that was great.

    I didn't like Lin forcefully assuming Suyin as the betrayer even if she had a shady past. I know thirty years is a long time for the two to recover, but I felt that was going below the belt. Though I find it interesting Suyin then went behind Lin's back and snuck Team Avatar out. I proposed a theory (which judging by at least one or two comments, has been pointed out here) that Suyin has more up her sleeves than what we see, but I could be way off the mark.

    I didn't mention Varrick because I didn't think it'd be relevant, but I really just love how charming and helpful he is. Yeah, he got Mako imprisoned and his activities in Book 2 was, well, downright criminal, but then he just ups and helps Korra's gang whenever he wants to free of charge or malice. He's just so lovable in spite of his amorality.
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