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    Just caught up with this week of premieres. Turning Into Turner was okay. Odd that they used the Tooth Fairy in that episode but they had Jorgen dating in another one. The crew must've forgotten they're married or something.

    I really liked the Scooby Doo one, not much to say except it was a good episode, one of the better ones in the season.

    Dimmsdale Tales was underwhelming. Having Timmy tell the 3 stories made the episode much duller than it shoud've been, and for some reason, Poof was in the title card but not on the episode itself. Again, okay episode, but had the potential to be much more.

    EDIT: Saw Love at First Barlk/Desperste Without Housewives. Bad pair. One was a Sparky episode, which are always meh at best (it was meh) and the other was a mysoginistic Cosmo/Dad/Crocker episode with no redeemimg qualities. Seriously, I thought they were done with the mysoginistic gags after Season 5...
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    Go home, Hartman - you are drunk if you think this stuff is funny.
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    All the episodes were pretty sweet/hilarious,

    Timmy's selfishnesses and both Mr. Turner/Cosmo's dumb idiocies were pretty funny while enjoying both Timmy/Cosmo's funny well-deserved bashings, hehehe, and both Poof/Sparky are great funny enjoyable characters.

    Both Jorgen and Juandissimo getting major focuses in Jerk of All Trades was pretty sweet and Jorgen messing up his many jobs was pretty funny, hehehe.

    Both Mr. Turner, Cosmo, Jorgen Von Strangle, Mr. Denzel Crocker, Juandissimo, Mark, Anti-Cosmo/Anti-Wanda, and Foop(epic evil baby villain) are my favorite best hilarious characters which they steal the show for me while Mr. Denzel Crocker is the best goofy funny villain ever.
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    After doing a bit of analyzing, I think I know why Poof has been inexplicably absent.

    When Poof came into the show, the entire composition had to be altered. I've noticed in cartoons that it's uncommon to have more than a certain number of characters in a single shot, but it can be done depending on the designs of the characters. Many anime and the animesque like the Avatar franchise can't do this too well because the bodies are virtually the same and are rarely seen wholly; they're cut off at the waist down. Spongebob CAN pull it off though, as that show has nearly every character shown full-body in each shot.

    In the case of Fairly Oddparents, the kid/fairy module Hartman uses on Timmy and the fairies features bodies only about a quarter of the size of the heads; taking up way too much screen space for a waist-up shot unless the bodies themselves are stretched. Basically, when it was just the 3, the heads took up enough compositional space that the backgrounds didn't need that much attention. When Poof joined the trio, the entire body design HAD to get smaller in order to fit the baby in, who himself was seemingly designed the way he was for economic reasons. If Poof had an actual body, it would've most likely been the same module, which would've been an eye assault, so I commend the show for the solution.

    HOWEVER, they messed it up. By making the characters smaller, the backgrounds needed to be beefed up to balance each scene. Rather than putting in the dedication, they just settled for getting rid of the problem, that being Poof, so the bodies could be huge again and fill up the necessary space. So really, Poof is the opposite of a waste of space. Plot-wise, yes, he's as unnecessary as the appendix, but design-wise, he's really something to the show, as awkward as he may look, being just a head with limbs. But unfortunately, they're not going to sleep in the bed they just made, so for the sake of simplicity, Poof gets the boot for making them do more work. It's probably a nice break for the artists, but it's an insult to the fans when the baby never appears, or in Monday's episode, appears for half the episode then inexplicably VANISHES for the rest of it.
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    Well, I've caught up on all the new episodes now. I wonder why they decided to completely retcon the way Mr. Crocker lost Cosmo and Wanda as a kid, and Poof being absent from certain episodes is weird. Chester and A.J. actually appeared in "Dimmsdale Tales", but I don't think either of them spoke. But overall, I enjoyed these episodes.

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