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    What is it that made Korra so important that Zaheer and his comrades tried to kidnap her? Maybe they want to kill her mother like the Fire Nation killed Katara and Sokka's mother. Or maybe they want her head on a silver platter. Or maybe they want to fight her until she collapses from exhaustion.

    Or even worse! Maybe Zaheer wants to drain Korra of her powers for good!


    I don't know about all of you but it looks like Korra's losing streak has gone up and her winning streak has gone down!

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    Quote Originally Posted by WickedChild View Post
    So we now have the privilege of watching this beautifully animated and visually rich show in a tiny window on a laptop through a laggy, skippy Flash media player that's a pain to rewind and fast-forward. In standard-def. Oh, and because the show is apparently so popular online, and now is exclusively online, it'll probably be even laggier than usual. Expect to see your computer's spinning cursor a whole lot this Friday. What could be better?

    Oh wait, I guess I could always go spend $500 on an X-Box I don't need. Or I could sign up for a Hulu subscription I'll never otherwise use. Oh but wait, my cable company isn't a "participating provider" for Nick on Hulu, so I'll have to wait an extra week for the video to show up.

    What an age we live in. Who would ever resort to piracy now?'s video player streams in HD, and actually seems decent (as opposed to, say, Cartoon Network/Adult Swim's video player, which makes watching stuff like Young Justice or Attack on Titan a pain). Just about every laptop sold now has an HDMI port, so it's simple to hook your laptop up to your TV if watching it that way is so important to you.

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