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    Quote Originally Posted by The Talon View Post
    You say that as if it's a bad thing.
    I ment to say it as if I was confused.
    I love classic cartoons!!
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    Woah, I didn't know Zolt was Kevin Michael Richardson too. O.o

    Anyway, here's some credits stuff: two animation directors, thirteen key animators, and three in-between animators (Geumwoo, R&A, and Da Vinci).

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    Anyone hasn't seen this yet?, cool stuff proving without a shadow of a doubt that Amon does not energy bend.

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    Thanks for that pic. When I saw Amon pulled that, I immediately noticed the parallels between Aang's original trick, and what Amon did. I'd forgotten about the light show however.

    Whatever Amon did, it worked. Right now,he's a for real threat. All the equalists are, and if Korra and company want to stand a chance, they'll need to think outside the box.

    Aang group never really learned to deal with Tylee's chi blocking, so finding a way to counter that would be a good start.

    I'm looking forward to seeing where this goes.
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    So another good episode of the Legend of Korra. Really enjoyed this episode and I've got some theories on what it all means. First the good...

    + I'm really loving the dynamic between Korra, Mako and Bolin...when this love triangle starts to get intense the drama will feel so real. I especially love the way Korra and Mako are bonding.

    +The mob angle is really interesting and helps make this show feel a bit diffrent then Avatar:TLA...in a good way.

    +Zuko statue=Awesome.

    +The more I learn about Amon and the Equalist the more I like them. They are villans who are so diffrent then the Fire Nation army that we got so familiar with in Avatar:TLA. Having Korra, a person who solves her problems with force, face a foe who she can't just beat up is going to create a good dynamic in the show.

    Stuff I was less then keen on.

    -I'm not buying the fact that lightning bending has become so widespread. I mean I buy metal bending becoming more popular because I can buy Toph teaching it to people, but lightning bending seemed so niche even among the Firebenders in Aang's time...and the people who we saw generating lightning (rather then redirecting it) were cold-hearted monsters like Azula and Ozai. What firebending master would be willing to teach that?

    -My understanding was that one had to be pure of heart in order to take a person's bending away. How can Amon do it?


    *I have two theories about Amon...who I already find to be so much more nuianced then Ozai.

    Theory 1: He is related to Mako and Bolin and the story he was telling about his family is related to the story that Mako was telling about his parents.

    Theory 2: And my second theory... this is the one I find even more compelling...is that Amon is lying to the crowds and did not loose his face to a firebender but an old antagonist from the first series. Think about it...

    A. He talks about getting a message from the spirits.

    B. The spirits seem to be enemies of the Avatar.

    C. He has lost his face.

    Yup I'm thinking Koh the Face Stealer might be involved with this guy. Amon could very well be a member of some kind of Koh worshiping sect or cult that Koh is using as a proxy and a stepping stone into the physical world. Seriously, a spirit world invasion would be one of the few things that could match a fully realized avatar as far as force. This could also tie in with Korra needing to learn about the spiritual side of her role as avatar.Because if an invasion by Koh or other spirits is coming, and she's the bridge between the two worlds, she's going to have to be on her mojo game.

    *I get the feeling that Amon's second in command could be a self-hating bender in the closet. I don't understand how he can channel that lightning into his weapons without firebending, Closeted benders among the equalist would be a fascinating idea to explore.

    *I highly suspect that there is a seedy side to the competitive bending world that is connected to organized crime. If a turf war breaks out between the gangs I wouldn't be suprised if it starts to impact the sport. Maybe the water bender that quit the Fireferrets was told to throw the match.

    Overall this episode get's another A from me. Hope the show stays this solid.
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    My personal theory is that once electrical technology picked up, Zuko (who presumably mastered lightning at some point) stopped and thought, "You know, lightning could really be useful in advancing this. Why keep it to myself when it could be used to help people?" and started teaching it to others.

    Also, the Lion Turtle says to Aang "To bend another's energy, your own spirit must be unbendable, or you will be corrupted and destroyed." He doesn't say anything about being pure of heart to energybend, just that you must be strong of spirit.

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    My recap is in the queue with most of my thoughts on the episode, but a quick thought on advanced bending: I was surprised to see metal-bending common enough that an entire police force would use it, and even more surprised to see lightning bending common enough that you could get entire power-plants of people doing it. However, in some ways, that does mirror the way that a lot of Japanese and Okinawan martial arts systems became codified and systematized once the country opened its doors to the West. Techniques and teachings that were once transmitted within families or privately began to be shared among schools and taught more openly. I think the combined advances in printing, broadcast, and transportation techniques would make large-scale schools of bending students much more practical in Republic City than they were in the original series, in the same way that those combinations made it possible for people to learn Okinawan fighting techniques in Japan in the early 20th century when those same techniques were more limited and much less accessible only a generation before.

    Most other thoughts will be in the recap.

    EDIT: Oh, look, there's the recap, in which I talk about the one cliché element so far, my hopes for Amon's true identity, and Korra's fabulous hat when she's in disguise. Because that hat was fabulous.
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    I agree on your theory about Amon, Ed; in that there is little conspiracy on any possible attachment he may have with the others cast members, past or present. I like the idea of Amon being his own person. Like Korra, he should be his own character with his own dilemmas and justifications instead of being connected to a particular person we know and love. I, too hope he won't go down the strictly "evil" path and instead strive for a greyer area.

    "The Revelation" started off a bit slow, but it really picks up and gets into gear pretty darn fast. Only the third episode, but we get a really good idea on why Amon is pushing an Anti-Bending movement. I didn't even pick up on the parallels between him and Mako and Bolin until I read Ed's recap, but I definitely like the sound of it. Especially if it'll drawing comparison and contrast from one another in a similar vein on how honor was a high concept for both Aang and Zuko despite the two going in radically different paths at the time. His demonstration is creepy and threatening to the Bending ways and they don't mince it.

    Just about the only cliche thing I also agree on is the romance. It's plainly obvious and while that isn't necessary a bad thing, it's standard and predictable. I suppose the only thing I can say is about the Korra/Mako love story is that it's at least setting itself up a lot better than I felt Aang and Katara did with theirs. Aang fell for Katara the moment he saw her, but Katara never gave an indication that she really liked him that way. There's a couple of episodes that hinted it (notably "The Fortuneteller" and "Cave of Two Lovers"), but it's so sedated from her end that by the time she expressed jealously when Aang was dancing with a Fire Nation girl in "The Headband", it came out of left field for me. If and when Mako and Korra end up together, I can proclaim they had better emphasis to back it up. Maybe. It's too early to call, but so far, the proof is in the pudding.

    Also, yes, I do think that's a lovely hat Korra's wearing.
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    We should get this episode's ratings sometime today.
    What are your predictions? Do you think the numbers will be higher, due to increased awareness/word-of-mouth? Do you think they will be lower, because a second episode isn't as big an event as a premiere episode? Or do you think the ratings will be about the same?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bat-Fan Beyond View Post
    Great episode! The animation is probably the best on television (with Young Justice right behind it), and the fight sequences are awesome! I love how the Equalist Chi-Blockers fight using unarmed Martial Arts similar to Ty Lee.
    I actually have to disagree with you. And here's why...

    MOI Animation(korean animation co.) animates three awesome shows on NIck, Disney, and CN.

    Nick: Legend of Korra
    CN: Young Justice
    Disney: Ultimate Spiderman

    All series are epic(or soon will be), so I'd have to label their respective animation equal, seeing as how the animation is produced by the same company :^P
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