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    Quote Originally Posted by ToonsLover
    I like the idea of making a TV special about it. That would be very cool. Maybe have Katara tell the story?
    I would like a TV special about Zuko's Mom too, although a part of me thinks that there's a better chance that it would be done in a comic book instead. Still, it would be fun to see and Katara telling the story would be kind of interesting.

    Quote Originally Posted by zoombie View Post
    Anyway I saw Michael DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko interview on Nickelodeon, and they mention they made the new lead a female and said how a lot of characters from the original series were female. They mentioned by name Katara, Toph, and Azula, you don't think Korra personality could be a combination fo the three?

    She could have Katara's heart and water tribe ties, Toph's rebellish attitude, and Azula arrogance and temper. Though admitly Katara does have a temper of her own, and Toph can be arrogant also.
    I can see a bit of Katara and Toph's personality traits in Korra, but I don't really see much of Azula in her temper and definitely not her arrogance. Korra has a temper, but it seems more her own rather than something along the lines of what Azula had in her behavior.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FriendlyMushroom View Post
    Honestly, at this point, would any answer be satisfying? It may be wiser to leave fans to settle upon whatever they want Zuko's conclusion to be, rather than risk upsetting fans with a disappointing tale.
    I think if they want to tell that story, they should and not worry about upsetting a few fans.

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    After the first two eps of Korra it seems like the creators are planning to deal with this some point in Legend of Korra and might even tie it into the plot.The way Katara was cut off when about to tell the story makes it seem that this is not the last we've heard about the Zuko Mom contreversy.

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