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    Favorite Nicktoon?

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    What's your favorite Nicktoon and why?

    This is the official list- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_Of_Nicktoons

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    Ren and Stimpy and Rocko's Modern Life, because time has been so kind to those shows. Everything, from the writing to the voice acting to (in most cases) the animation has held up.

    Spongebob (the first three seasons) and Invader Zim deserve honorable mention, for being so good at a time when most other Nicktoons were bad (or at least mediocre).

    Rugrats (again, only the first three seasons), Doug and KaBlam! were often clever and funny, but I can't single out individual episodes for excellence like I can with the aforementioned Nicktoons.
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    I still contend to this day that Rocko's Modern Life was and still is the single greatest thing that Nick has ever put on the air ever. I've been buying the DVD sets and the gags and stories are still fresh and funny.

    was a fun, kooky, occasionally naughty, subversive show. It was in just the right place on the scale for me: edgier and wackier than Doug, Rugrats or Hey, Arnold! (those shows were just too tame for my tastes) but not as out-there as Ren & Stimpy, which was too far off the deep end for me. Rocko was a happy medium between the extremes.
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    I got to say, Angry Beavers was the bum! I like how Norbert and Daggett call each other "spoot-head". I also like the theme song.

    I also like the earlier seasons of SpongeBob, ChalkZone, Rocko's Modern Life, CatDog, earlier seasons of Rugrats, Hey Arnold!, El Tigre and T.U.F.F. Puppy.

    Kung Fu Panda is OK but not as good as the original movie. All Grown Up! was fine, for a TV special, not a spinoff from Rugrats.

    I also find Teletoon's Wayside to be funny. In fact, Mr. Kidswatter was the funniest of all.

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    I like the first five: Doug, Rugrats (1991-1994 only), Ren & Stimpy, Rocko, and Aaahh! Real Monsters. Not just for nostalgic reasons, either; I've re-watched all recently and they still hold up for various reasons.

    I also like Kablam!, SpongeBob (mostly 1999-2002 episodes), and Avatar. Kablam, for its wide variety of animation, SpongeBob for its creative facial expressions, silly but fun plots, music, and great comic timing, and Avatar for offering something vastly different for a NickToon and its epic feel.

    I recall liking Catscratch to an extent, though not sure if I'd feel the same way now. Haven't seen it since 2005.

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    Fave is undoubtedly Invader Zim. It was quirky, hilarious, and occasionally horrifying.
    Second fave would be Kung Fu Panda: Legend of Awesomeness. I love KFP and the show is generally pretty quality.
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    Definitely Rocko

    • Excellent characters and seemingly the perfect choices for the animals given to their type (something went right with a wallaby, steer and tortoise).
    • The music used. Laid back and often times mischievous
    • The story lines always felt accomplished, and nothing was rushed. Timing and pacing were done just right, and of course.
    • The scripts were nicely done, a lot of humor, especially humor I catch today I've of never 2nd guessed as a kid

    Made it well enough that it takes (for me anyway) a long time to get a little tired of reruns. I have gotten Rocko'd-out, but give it a few months I can enjoy it again

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    Avatar, hands down. Great characters, engaging story, beautiful animation and choreography, expansive mythos, great music, it did just about everything right. It's kind of awkward to call it a "Nicktoon", because it's utterly nothing like the rest of Nickelodeon's cartoon library.

    Second would probably be Danny Phantom. It definitely plays second fiddle to Avatar, but it had its moments. Vlad was a memorable villain, and the 1 hour special "Ultimate Enemy" was probably the second most epic thing Nick ever aired next to Avatar's various hour long specials. It fits in better as a Nicktoon, thanks to its creator Butch Hartman also being behind the Nicktoon staple "Fairly Odd Parents" (AFAIK, FOP is the only Nicktoon that came close to rivalling the great sponge in terms of popularity over the past few years).

    (Disclaimer: I have never really watched Invader Zim, Ren & Stimpy, or Rocko's Modern Life).

    I'm rather curious as to why people could name Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomess over Avatar, though...

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    My favorite Nicktoon of all time is Danny Phantom.For me you could care about all the characters and they were able to mix action,comedy and drama very well.I was waiting every week to see a new ep.It was also very original with the concept and had multiple plots the fans could care about.My only regret is that the show could'nt have had more episodes as it ended before it's time but not like WAY to early.I think it should have had one more season.Avatar is a close second for me and i like for it all the same reasons.I am thrilled that Avatar has a spin-off and will watch it closely.Avatar was special to me because i watched EVERY single Avatar premiere from when it started to the end and loved it even before the premiere while with Danny Phantom i did'nt like get obsessed until i saw My Brothers Keeper.

    My top 5 favorite Nicktoons are

    Danny Phantom
    Avatar The Last Airbender
    Legend of Korra
    Fairly Odd Parents
    Invader Zim
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    As Told By Ginger - It was really good as a kid but once I got older and realized how mature the series was it became great. A little teenage drama, a little comedy and Courtney Gripplings attraction (non--sexual) to Ginger was always unique to me. It's not often you see the Queen Bee befriend the average girl unless it's to play a trick on her or something.

    El Tigre - Why do great shows die so early? The whole not knowing which side to choose (Good or Evil?), the action and the humor of this show makes for a great experience. El Tigre is one of the few shows that I don't mind watching repeats of. Not too many of course but still I wouldn't mind.

    Danny Phantom - I didn't like it at first because I expected it to be more serious but overtime it grew on me.

    Kung-Fu Panda: LOA - I had my doubts but I was wrong. I don't mind a heaping helping of the panda. The problem is Nick keeps repeating the episodes I've already seen and won't show the ones I missed or only saw a part of. But that's Nick's fault not the show's.

    Action League Now/Mr. Meaty - Do these two count? I'm putting them together because I basically don't have much to say about them except that they make me laugh uncontrollably. I know a lot of "90's kids" like ALN but not many people liked Mr. Meaty. I don''t see why, that show could never fail to make me laugh. Plus I got a few voices and impressions from watching that show so personally it's A-Ok in my book.

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