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    Nick and More! Talkback - "Danny Phantom: Season 2, Part 1": Hauntingly Good, DVD Bad

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    Neo Yi has reviewed Danny Phantom: Season 2, Part 1 for Nick and More!

    Have you picked up the DVD yet? What are your thoughts on the set?

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    I didn't write this in the review itself, but incidentally, the episode arrangement in the DVD is the exact same as the Amazon DVD-R version. If they don't fix it, I assume the second half will undergo the same treatment. Sadly.
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    I have mixed feelings about this dvd.As someone who thought the Season 1 dvd by Shout was then brilliantly i am dissapointed in them this time.I'm not upset about the Season being split in parts because on Shout's forums they explained the reason for that is retailers are'nt buying four disc sets anymore because of poor sales last time.I don't have a problem with them dividing the specials into two parts i unlike most people prefer it that way.While i do have an issue with the eps being out of order i can live with that.The main problem with this DVD is that they promote the first 10 eps of season 2 on the cover but on the discs The Ultimate Enemy Parts 1 and 2 and Memory Blank are replaced by later Season 2 episodes.While Shout sent me new packaging with the correct episodes im still dissapointed as The Ultimate Enemy is my favorite episodes and from surfing the web the majority of the Danny Phantom fans feel the same way.Shout is convinced they put the eps in the wrong order and lied to my face in an email.This is something Paramount would pull not Shout who gave me a perfect Season 1 set (minus extras.While i'm also dissapointed Shout did'nt include extras that's not important and hope they're included in the final two sets.Overall Season 2 is the best Danny Phantom season but i'm kinda upset i'm going to have to wait who knows how long to watch the Ultimate Enemy(My favorite Nicktoon episode) on DVD.

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