New Episodes! Monday, April 2 - Friday, April 13 at 5pm ET/PT on Nickelodeon

Week 1

Monday, April 2 - #1?? "Restraining SpongeBob"
Squidward issues a restraining order against SpongeBob.

Tuesday, April 3 - #1?? "Glove World R.I.P."
SpongeBob and Patrick spend a day at Glove World before it closes.

Wednesday, April 4 - #1?? "Home Sweet Rubble"
SpongeBob recruits his friends to help him remodel his pineapple.

Thursday, April 5 - #1?? "Fiasco!"
Plankton mistakenly believes that a piece of art is a stolen krabby patty.

Friday, April 6 - #1?? "Free Samples"
When Plankton drives away Krusty Krab customers, Mr. Krabs is forced to give out free food to win back his customers.

Week 2

Monday, April 9 - #171B "InSPONGEiac"
SpongeBob asks Patrick to help him fall asleep.

Tuesday, April 10 - #1?? "Treats!!!"
SpongeBob brings home a box of new snail treats for Gary.

Wednesday, April 11 - #1?? "Squiditis"
Squidward fakes an illness to go home sick.

Thursday, April 12 - #1?? "For Here or to Go?"
When Plankton wins a free krabby patty, Mr. Krabs tries to keep him from collecting his prize.

Friday, April 13 - #171A "Karen 2.0"

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