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    The Penguins of Madagascar - "All Choked Up / Little Zoo Coup" - Talkback [4/24/09]

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    Nickelodeon Premiere >> The Penguins of Madagascar

    "All Choked Up / Little Zoo Coupe" (#108)

    Premieres: Friday, April 24, 2009 at 8pm
    Repeats: Saturday, April 25, 2009 at 10am

    From: MSN TV

    All Choked Up: Alice visits the penguins and forces a strange liquid down Rico's throat.

    Little Zoo Coupe: The penguins challenge the lemurs to a race around the zoo.
    This episode will premiere during a 3 hour 'Penguins' marathon called Operation: Total Takeover. The premiere also comes at the same time a new Disney Channel Original Movie (Hatching Pete) premieres.

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    I thought that “All Choked Up” was the better of the two segments. I liked the way that the plot progressed and it was full of humorous dialogue; the opening scene was particularly funny, with the penguins having assumed that Alice had killed somebody. The emotional scene towards the end felt like it went on for a bit too long, but aside from that, I have no complaints. However, King Julien creeped me out by constantly wanting that robot to admire his rear end.

    “Little Zoo Coupe” was alright, but I wasn’t a fan of the bean scene. However, I do give them credit for actually having the penguins lose the race.
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    I loved them both
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