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    Rocko Episode Discussion: "Teed Off"

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    In contrast with last week's "Jet Scream" thread, we now go all the way to season 4 for another favorite of mine. It's "Teed Off", an episode which mostly features Ed Bighead and Heffer.

    The plot: Mr. Noway sets up a golf game between Ed Bighead and Mr. Dupet, boss of Conglom-o.

    Ed's not allowed to win, though, carrying on a long tradition of "don't make the head honcho look bad". As such, the announcers are bored beyond belief.

    The way that it's ensured that Ed doesn't show up his boss is from a base on the golf course where a Darth Vader-style commander launches pianos at Ed's golf ball.

    Heffer, a greensman on the course who spends his spare time making crop circles, finds out about the jiggery-pokery and decides to help Bighead.

    Heffer begins to toss spare golf balls into the hole after Ed's smashed with a piano for each hole, and Ed slowly gets back in the game. But Heffer doesn't realize this isn't supposed to happen, as Noway keeps chewing out Ed and accuses the central base of not knowing what they're doing.

    Noway's berating leads to one of my favorite moments in the episode, when the Darth Vader guy gets defensive and Noway starts choking, in a parody of the famous Star Wars scene. This time, however, Darth had nothing to do with a subordinate's choking and actually is concerned. Classic and random.

    Due to the pressure, central base launches more pianos, even repeatedly hitting Ed for good measure. It doesn't matter though, as Heffer keeps chucking the balls in (one of them is so blatantly obvious that he was involved that only someone BLIND wouldn't have noticed Heffer running right in front of the hole and dropping the ball in).

    By the end of the game Ed has brain damage from all the piano abuse. Doesn't matter, of course, because Hef's still got his back.

    And now for my other favorite moment in the episode, when Noway pretty much snaps when explaining the plan to Ed again, including throwing his eyes into the pond.

    Even though Ed hits his ball into the pond as ordered, Heffer emerges from the water in his tractor (which apparently can fly now), heading towards the hole. But he's hit with a piano and goes down, prompting screams from everyone...

    ...including Rocko for a brief second at home, his only appearance in the episode. Great self-referential gag.

    Heffer still makes the shot despite the crash, and Dupet congratulates Ed on such a close game. But his hopes are shot down when he thinks he'll be getting a raise as Dupet asks him what he does at the company, and just tells him to keep doing a good job on that.

    ...And of course the psychotic Noway beats Ed, as if he didn't get enough of it during the rest of the episode.

    Thoughts on this one?

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    Brilliant Rocko episode. One of my absolute favorites. Perfection.

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    Loved that episode. Cartoon violence involving pianos was never so much fun.

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    Good, frantic short. The bit with Heffer decked out in flying ace regalia piloting the now-flying tractor brought to mind John Belushi's portrayal of Wild Bill Kelso from Steven Spielberg's comedy mega-flop 1941. And I thought I was the only person other than Steve who saw that picture.
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    This episode was a nice reminder that there was still some cleverness left in the fourth season. By this time in the series' run, most of the episodes were toned-down and nowhere near as unrelentingly funny as the first and second seasons had been, but this is a great classic return to form. No matter how many times I see Ed get nailed with a piano, it's still hilarious.
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    I feel stupid. I don't remember this one much.

    Gotta check out for it on NickToons.

    Great review, anyway.
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    Thankfully I was able to see this episode on Nick on Sunday, July 16, 2006 at 1PM during the short-lived Nick Rewind block. I think I may have recorded it on VHS too.

    Great episode!

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    XD i love that episode
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    This was one of my favorite episodes. I love how they were going to attack Ed with pianos by air, land, and sea.

    I also liked how everyone started screaming in panic, and then it cut to Rocko, who was absent the whole episode.

    I wish I could see the ep, but I don't have Nicktoons Network.

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    Ha ha, I remember that episode! Nothing beats the awesome randomness of golf balls constantly being annihilated by random flying pianos!

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