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    Spongebob Squarepants Talkback - To love a Patty / Breath of Fresh Squidward

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    SpongeBob has trouble saying Goodbye to the most perfect Krabby Patty he has ever cooked up

    After electrocuting himself on his own security fence, Squidward’s personality gets completely scrambled. Now he is the most jovial Squid to ever live in Bikini Bottom – and he’s starting to get on SpongeBob’s nerves.
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    They were...weird. Especially "To love a patty". There's really not much to say, and Breath of fresh Squidward was a good concept, but it felt too short.

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    To Love a Patty: Another heavily padded episode. And I would've liked to see jealously from Sandy, or Patrick trying to find his own "girlfriend"> But no, we had to have a musical number. And "gross-out still shots" should have died with Ren & Stimpy. D-.

    Breath of Fresh Squidward: Had potential, but took forever to get started. I did like the twist ending, though it couldn't hold a candle to "Opposite Day". C+.
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    To Love A Patty: Weird, even for SpongeBob. I wish we saw Patrick trying to get a krabby patty of his own. The cheap rock power ballad love song was dragged like the dance scene in "Squidwood". And the ending was predictable and a bit gross.
    Grade: D+

    A Fresh Breath Of Squidward: Like the concept, got annoyed that the second half was at the overused Krusty Krab. Picked up at the party, the ending was enjoyable, and would have been more a shock if we didn't see SpongeBob, Patrick, & Squidward getting electrocuted.
    Grade: C+
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    To Love A Patty: You know Spongebob's weird when the first time he actually tries to get in a romantical relationship with someone it's a... piece of meat, literally. There were some pretty good gags in this one: Spongebob giving the tough customer a shoe, Patrick and Sandy in Spongebob's house and Patrick wanting his own sandwitch, the song (hey I do still like the musical numbers and it was worth it to see Spongebob cut up all those clams) and Spongebob bribing Mr. Krabs, but it did focus a bit too much on the stink of the Patty at the end and Spongebob being sick was pretty predictable. Not to mention it didn't have a load of enjoyable moments like the best SB does and just a few. Still worth watching I suppose.

    A Breath Of Fresh Squidward: You know I always did want to see an episode where the tables get turned and Squidward annoys Spongebob. IMHO it would of been better to see Squidward annoy spongebob in every facet Spongebob's good at: Karate, Jellyfishing, and showing them goofing around more then in just a quick montage. As others said focusing it totally on the Krusty Krab in this case was defintley a bad thing. I really did like the opening though (with Squidward finding out Spongebob and patrick watch him while he sleeps, Squidward's happiness center hiding in his brain, and Spongebob and patrick being captaluted out and in of Squidward's yard) but the next day after New Squidward comes in could of used some work. And I would of liked to see Squidward-Patrick and Spongebob interact with nice Squidward and not just Squidward Squidward.
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