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    Catscratch Talkback "A Wooly Adventure/Evil!"

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    Gordon and Waffle and Mr. Blik,
    when the old lay died she left them rich.
    A mansion, cars, a life that kicks.
    Yes when it comes to cash they've quite a bit.
    Any thing they want they take their pick.
    But the trouble they're in just never quits.
    When it comes to brains they're a little bit thick.

    Episode #113 A Wooly Adventure / Evil!

    Air Times (Eastern/Pacific)
    Premiere .... March 24 ~7:15 PM
    Repeat ...... March 26 12:30 AM

    Episode Synopses
    A Wooly Adventure

    The cats' air-conditioning conks out during a massive heat-wave! So they haul in an iceberg to cool them off. But when the iceberg melts, a woolly mammoth springs forth! And he thinks Blik's his mommy! Blik refuses to take the job, but the mammoth won't leave him alone! But when the townspeople want to dispose of the mammoth, Blik's heart opens up to the creature. Is it too late to save his new friend?


    When Waffle starts shedding, he becomes convinced it's because HE'S EVIL! (Thanks to Blik's careless suggestion.) Waffle sets up his own evil hideout with plans to take over the world! He's even got a ticking time-bomb to help along with the destruction! But can his brothers convince him that it's all been just a simple misunderstanding, before the bomb goes off?
    Guest star: Kevin Michael Richardson

    Created by ..... Doug TenNapel

    Kevin McDonald ...... Waffle
    Rob Paulsen ......... Gordon
    Wayne Knight ........ Mr. Blick
    Maurice LaMarche .... Hovis
    Liliana Mumy ........ Human Kimberly

    Stay tuned for a new Avatar: The Last Airbender at 8:00 and a new Danny Phantom at 9:00 PM.
    And since The X's is right between them, would it kill you to watch it.

    A hat and matching shoes made of luncheon meat?! Believe it or not this and many other wonders await us in the world of the future, unless we take action now.
    Join The War To Stop Time!

    Read Along with Grimm Fairy Tales: You have no idea how freaking messed up these things are.

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    I like the Wolly episode cause it shows Mr.Blik's soft side and the Evil episode was pretty funny.(Though I thought "Evil" would have something to do with Evil the Cat from Earthworm Jim )

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    It was great watching Mr. Blik really showing something we haven't seen of him yet, but it is very characteristic of him to try and hide it from people.

    The second half was the first time we've seen Kimberly in a while. But we all know that Waffle definitely does cling onto something he believes in. Once he was led to think he's a dog and now this.
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    I didn't see it. Does Waffle have a "Pit of Ultimate Darkness"? Does he randomly yell, "Evil!" a lot? Kevin McDonald had an evil character named Simon Milligan on Kids in the Hall and this sounds like a callback. Going to have to tape this when it comes up again.
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    The episode when Waffle thinks hes evil is good a one alot of funny parts 8/10 and the episode before that well I dident get to see it lol


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