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    Catscratch "Scaredy Cat/Requiem for a Cat" Talkback

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    Gordon and Waffle and Mr. Blik,
    when the old lay died she left them rich.
    A mansion, cars, a life that kicks.
    Yes when it comes to cash they've quite a bit.
    Any thing they want they take their pick.
    But the trouble they're in just never quits.
    When it comes to brains they're a little bit thick.

    Episode #109 Scaredy Cat / Requiem for a Cat

    Air Times
    Premiere .... November 18 7:30 PM Eastern/Pacific
    Repeat ..... November 20 10:30 AM Eastern/Pacific

    Episode Synopsys
    Scaredy Cat

    Halloween weirdness occurs when Mr. Blick decorates the mansion to look like a giant spaceship and then real aliens arrive at the door.

    Requiem for a Cat

    Gordon and Waffle are suspicious when Mr. Blik is nice to them.

    Kevin McDonald ...... Waffle
    Rob Paulsen ......... Gordon
    Wayne Knight ........ Mr. Blick
    Maurice LaMarche .... Hovis
    Liliana Mumy ........ Human Kimberly

    Scaredy cat may have aired already on October 28th. I may have missed that.
    on a related note: The Nickolodean schedule page leave a lot of doubt about what's airing.

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    Nick really needs to stop mixing up the episodes. But anyways I already saw Scaredy Cat(which was good) and I thought Requiem for a Cat was pretty funny. I laugh at the part when Blik was told that his test results got mixed up by a dog.


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