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    New York's 98.7 WRKS (Kiss FM) - The End.

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    I cannot believe this, but a new york radio staple is leaving us effective this monday. ESPN Radio NYC will take over on that day. As an R&B listener, i respecf what RKS did with the urban community giving us great programs, in fact, Micheal Baston who got his start on the station, went on being a nationaly syndicated staple in the US. and I respect that. You see, not only Rock music is being extreminated in NYC (look what happened to FM-News 101.9, for example) but then again, i think this is a sad story. Besides the point, i will miss RKS with great openess. Station will flip on 4-30-12 with Mike and Mike in the morning as ESPN takes over. - Your Thoughts? End Point
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    At least they're giving you advance warning. They NEVER do that with the stations in my city -- things just change overnight, and DJs walk into the building to find out they're fired.

    Most infamously, there was a hard rock station that changed to right-wing talk overnight. Talk about a rude awakening.
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