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    Quote Originally Posted by TheVileOne View Post
    Sunday, February 16 will be the next new episode, "Bring on the Bad Guys." Looks like Agents of SMASH and Avengers Assemble are switching off in the rotation.
    I still have my copy of that book, signed by Stan Lee (I got all of my copies of that series signed at the time). Still love the title.

    And thanks for posting it, Vile One!

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    Quote Originally Posted by King_of_doom View Post
    So in other words having dumb cartoons with bad and idiotic writing sells for people who has that same taste. Seems like people have forgotten that just because a show is aim to certain demographic doesn't mean it should be enjoy by only them but from everyone. These are not action shows but lets compare Gravity Falls and My Little Pony FIM where the writing is good, it does have alot of comedy but at the same time is not forced(unlike action shows that some try really hard) and they are enjoyed by the target demographic but even adults.

    Dini seem to forgot the time he worked on shows like Animaniacs and Batman TAS or doesn't admit because who else will give him his pay day.
    No, Dini is very much aware of Animaniacs, BTAS, et al. That's the level of writing he wants to write.

    Re-read the article. The networks won't let him. The last time he tried it got his show cancelled, despite positive reviews, improving overall ratings, and a broadening of the viewership..

    This is not a writer issue...this is a network issue and to a lesser extent a studio issue.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheVileOne View Post
    It appears a great deal of anger is directed against this show because its not a carbon copy of Young Justice or Earth's Mightiest Heroes. Even Batman Brave and the Bold had people hating on it at first. Josh Keaton received hate mail when he played Spider-Man in Spectacular. Fans act very irrationally when a show isn't like their favorite version of something.
    Again, no one has stated that they wanted this show to be a carbon copy of Young Justice or EMH. Ironically though, you seem to be dodging the fact that Avengers Assemble is trying to be a carbon copy of the Avengers movie.

    I'm also finding your rebuttal that EMH is also guilty of lazy writing for "mimicking" the comics to be poorly thought out. By your standards then, I guess that would mean every cartoon that was ever an adaptation or based off of a comic book series would be "mimicking" scenes from it. That's not what we have been saying. Avengers Assemble is literally taking scenes and dialogue straight from the movie in order to cash in on its success. I'm sorry, but when the advertisements for the show stop showing what an upcoming episode is about in order to make room for more jokes straight from the movie ("They will eat schawarma!"), that's my cue to leave.

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