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    Farewell, Marvel Animation Age!

    Like This Thread!

    As you'll hopefully be able to deduce the thread title, Marvel Animation Age webmasters James Harvey and I have decided that with final episode of the awesome Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes airing stateside, we have proceeded to archive Marvel Animation Age and cease updating its new page. From hereon, new Marvel animation shows will not be covered on MAA. The site will not be deleted, so the previous content will indeed remain intact.

    This news will have no bearing on The Marvel Animation Forum, which will still carry on, business as usual.

    In other, less important news, I will no longer be acting as a forum moderator. I feel it is time to move on from my moderating duties and now seemed as a good a time to do so. I am certain the moderators still in place will carry on thier excellent performance in the future.

    For those of you who weren't here in the beginning, perhaps a history lesson is in order. Marvel Animation Age started in 2004 with the creation of the Spider-Man: The New Animated Series site. The site had many birthing problems to get us to this page being created shortly after the DVD release of the show, mainly due to my own inexperience of being a webmaster and general cluelessness (which surprisingly is an actual word). Reviewing 13 episodes, setting up interviews and writing bios proved to be a far more difficult task than one had anticipated so naturally, I visited my temple of wisdom and decided to follow up MTV Spidey with a love letter to my favourite show from my childhood Spider-Man: The Animated Series and review et al all 65 episodes as my next task. 65 episodes. Dozens of interviews. Hundreds of screen captures. Countless hours sat at a computer. I have since been banned from said temple of wisdom.

    The site continued to grow from there with the addition of sub sites dedicated to Fantastic Four and Iron Man and the delay ridden, headache inducing, often soul crushing creation of X-Men.

    Things became more enjoyable as my experience grew with The Incredible Hulk and 67 Spider-Man finally getting their own recognition online and for reasons even I cannot fathom, The Avengers: United They Stand, Silver Surfer and Spider-Man: Unlimited subsites were added. Quite why anyone would want reminding of these shows puzzles me - but to actually spend ones free time watching, screen grabbing and reviewing these irredeemable episodes left one questioning why I haven't sought physiatrist consultation.

    Not to say that I didn't enjoy my time as MAA webmaster - indeed, reviewing and revisiting my childhood favourites through mature... Older eyes was often joyful, particularly when joined by my faithful sidekick Bird Boy. While he is rarely credited with the same, MAA would not exist as we know it with Zach's intervention, as he had the unenviable task of teaching a rather simple Yorkshireman about scripting, coding, screen grabbing, FTP and web designing while working and revamping The World's Finest website. I can assure you his task was not easy. Especially when I kept breaking the bloody site and we had to rush to fix the damn thing before anyone noticed how amateurish a job I was doing! To me, these were the highlights of my days as webmaster. Kudos to you Mr Demeter.

    Now seems as good a time as any to thank everyone that helped James and I through our 8 years as webmasters. The list includes, but is certainly not limited to Jon T, Kolbar, the amazing screw on head, Spider-Friends, James, Spider-Man, Nightwing and ShadowStar and numerous others. I would also like to extend my eternal thanks to Arsenal, who has been nothing less than a stallion with the number of reviews he has carried out over the years. If not for his fine work, I would probably still be reviewing episodes of Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Heroes now. Thank you kind sir.

    I have learned a lot from my time as webmaster and managed to speak to many of the people who created some of the shows I loved as child. It always a pleasure to interview the likes of John Semper, Steve Gordon, Jim Krieg, Chris Yost, Greg Johnson and Stan Berkowotz among numerous others. I would like to share with you a story about Stan - when something that wasn't supposed to get announced was published in one of my many interviews with him was, WBA contacted us and asked to remove the story and contact anyone who had linked to it to try and kill said story. Despite having authorisation for post ing the interview from WBA, Stan apologised for the miscommunication and sent me an autographed Justice League poster and goody bag as a thank you.I've always appreciated that from him, and he has always been a joy to speak to when conducting there interviews.

    Another pleasure was speaking with the late Boyd Kirkland. He was never too busy to speak to me about his stories career and was also willing to help make the sites that little bit better with his contributions. He has been my favourite animation director since I was amazed by his work on Batman: The Animated Series all those years ago and his final work on The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes shows that he still had it. TV animation is a less special place without him, in my opinion. RIP Boyd, you are greatly missed.

    I hope you all continue to come here to discuss the various Marvel cartoons of new and old. With the recent air of negativity surrounding the upcoming shows, it would be nice to hear some of your thoughts on the classic animation covered throughout Marvel animation.

    Now that you've read through all that, I'd like to thank everyone who has visited the site and helped make it is what it is - the biggest and best Marvel animation site there is and perhaps home of the internets largest example of poor grammar!

    Bless your patience for making it to the of that. Now here we are... Marvel Animation Age no more (kinda)!

    You didn't think I'd leave without one last plug did you?

    Marvel Animation Age - The World's Finest - Spawn - The Drawing Board

    Follow Marvel Animation Age on Twitter @MarvelAAge

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    Well, I'm sad now. I've been visiting the site almost every day for the last couple of months and I can honestly say, I enjoyed every minute of it. So you're telling me you're not going to cover Avengers Assemble and the second season of Ultimate Spider-Man?

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    I'm sad MAA is going to be archived but I'm glad the content will remain accessible.

    Best wishes, Stu!

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    At least we'll see it standing, don't like the thought of the website going away, but it's sad it won't get any updates, at least for a while

    And here I was hoping to contribute some to the website
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    Hey everyone,

    As you've likely figured out by Stu's post, Marvel Animation Age is essentially closing its doors. The site will stay as is for the most part, and the remaining subsites will be updated and wrapped up, and incomplete sites will be quietly closed, but the news portal will be no more and there will be no additional subsites added to the site. The news will now be archived and the subsites will be topped off (however, if there is new content to add to a current subsite, it will get added - like a new DVD release, etc.) . Additionally, the 'Site Updates' marker on the front page will also be removed. The site will remain, and will always have a home here at Toonzone, but it will now serve as a resource center.

    Marvel Animation Age started off as the brainchild of Stu. It was his idea, he kicked it all off, and he brought a few of us into the fold to help him out. The baton was passed to me a couple years ago and I spent that time basically cleaning up and expanding upon his work. And, in all honesty, I'll likely keep doing that. Tweaking and fixing current sites when I find the time, adding new bits here and there as I find them. But, with the latest era of Marvel Animation coming to an end with The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, and the new one currently underway with Ultimate Spider-Man, now seems like a good time to wrap things up.

    I have had a great time working on Marvel Animation Age and getting to really delve into my love of the Marvel Universe. I'll always be a Batman guy, but Marvel has so many unbelievably great characters and stories ... and we got to see a lot of that here in animated form. Plus it's safe to say these shows probably had a bigger impact on me, character-wise, than some of the source material. The Avengers: Earths Mightiest Heroes awakened an interest in the Avengers that I never knew I had. The Spectacular Spider-Man gave me the Spider-Man I have always wanted on the small screen. X-Men: The Animated Series got me reading X-Men comics in the first place! Marvel animation has done so much for me, and it was my pleasure to give a little back.

    Marvel Animation Age will always be here at Toonzone, and will now serve as a resource for fans looking to learn on some of the best animated comic cartoons (and...even some of the worst, sadly). All the content you see on the site right now will remain, and updates, tweaks, edits, and assorted fixes will still be made. The front page will be modified some in the coming weeks to suit the new purpose of the site. And, if anyone still wishes to contribute to the site, we'll still accept suitable submissions and post them up accordingly. Some special surprises are still going to pop up on the site, so always keep an eye out and keep looking around. Expect The World's Finest to likely follow suit in late 2013.

    If I had to pick my biggest accomplishment in all of Marvel Animation Age, it has to be the The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes subsite. It may have gotten off to a late start, but that was my first completely solo project on the site (not counting the animated feature subsites and the Special Features sections) and i'm really proud of it. Despite a few hiccups and a couple glaring issues I can't fix, the subsite has turned out so well. And, in all honesty, that subsite will likely be updated quite a bit in the coming months as the sixth DVD volume hits in early 2013 along with other subsequent content. See? Marvel Animation Age is not going to be just abandoned!

    As for the message forum, as Stu said, things will likely continue on as they would. The only debatable aspect is how the talkbacks will continue on, but that will be figured out in time. This is still the place to talk about Marvel Animation in all its forms – so please, keep coming back and discuss, discuss, discuss!

    So, to everyone worked on the site, everyone who I've had the pleasure to work with, all the opportunities it created for me, thanks for making Marvel Animation Age what it is today. Thanks to everyone for visiting it! I promise, there are still a few merry surprises to come, so always keep an eye open on it.

    Last edited by Stu; 11-11-2012 at 10:27 AM.

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    8 years is a long time. Thanks for all you efforts Stu and the best of luck with everything.

    Quote Originally Posted by James Harvey View Post
    Expect The World's Finest to likely follow suit in 2013.
    Wait what?... Your closing The World's Finest down next year?

    Now that would really really suck.
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    It's literally the end of an age.

    God speed Stu. God speed.
    The Hypocrite Rises....

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    Wow. I'll miss MAA and World's Finest, but its your choice, so I respect that.
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    Someone cue the Boyz II Men. End of the Road or It's So Hard To Say Goodbye cover will do.

    Like I told you guys in private it's sad to see one( and soon both ) of the sites that brought me to the forums in the first place in a sense end. It's good that they will still be used as a resource site so that new people will always have a good site to go look into for these classic or classicly bad shows as they sometimes ended up being.

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    Good luck with everything guys. And James, thanks for giving me a chance to contribute to MAA.
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