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    The theme of this episode is......VENGEANCE!!!!!

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    So, does anyone this it's funny that the episode where Wonderman (who actually seemed a bit worried for Tony when he got blasted) drops his beef with Stark is the same episode where Enchantress shows up seeking vengeance against the masters.

    Also, I'd forgotten that the other stones were destroyed by the Avengers themselves back during the finale. Which means they are partly responsible for Surtur's escape.

    I'm a little dissapointed in Tony for not being more upfront with Wonderman about trying to cure him and all. Then again, that's what started the whole mess in the first place.

    As for Wonderman, even if his first return was caused by the Enchantress, I doubt we've seen the end of him. I understand he has a habit of dying and coming back (though he's no Jean Grey.)

    Ducks a brick

    Right. What I mean is, he's not what people flanderized Jean into being (namely someone who dies and comes back all the time).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Martyn Clancarty View Post
    I thought that it was an excellent ep, much much better than last weeks. The only thing that disappointed me was the negation of the Enchantresses' magic, magic should be more than just simply energy manipulation, it should be that which transcends the laws of physics and is therefore beyond the understanding of rationality. Magic can only be countered by magic not by machines. I hope that we don't keep going down this route. What happened to Skurge's Blood Axe?
    In other words, to quote a certain Chinese antiques dealer, "magic must defeat magic."
    "No man escapes the Manhunters!"

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    Why was Wonder Man relying on Zemo to keep him alive? I thought it was Enchantress who brought him back and was keeping him alive...
    "Are you the dreamer or merely part of someone's dream?" - The Mad Hatter.
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