This episode had probably one of the best Venom fights I've ever seen in a Spidey cartoon in a long while.
But other than that I'm still trying to get this show. I didn't really have any expectations for this show so when it turned out not to be a re-adaption of the Ultimate comic I was geniunely surprised.
I do like some of the cut-aways but they seem to come more rapid fire pace than like Teen Titans or even Family Guy and there's something about the character design I don't like during the non-costume parts, though Nick Fury and Coultane seem to be the exception.

On the upside this is an interesting take on the Marvel U, Ultimate themed but with plenty of obscure stuff from the regular comics.
At least they now have a justifiable excuse to sell a spider-cycle/jet/car or fire-fighter and jungle action figure in the toyline.